July 16 2012

Unique Engineering & Architectural Logo Designs

Creating a unique engineering logo design is not an easy task. In the world there are thousands of different logos and it is difficult to stand out. And there are experienced consultants and websites specialised in the task.

However, unique engineering logo designs must be designed carefully. Engineering logos are expected to be as professional, attractive, and as practical as the engineering industry.

The logo design should have three goals:

  • Symbolise the company and customers will use it for future brand recognition;
  • Make your engineering firm look professional;
  • Make your engineering firm stand out and be representative of its unique services.

Additional aspects to consider when creating a unique architectural and engineering logo design:

  • Shape

Some logos are minimalist because engineering is a field based on reducing difficult projects into simpler ones. Others represent the activity of the company. In addition, it his highly advisable to keep it simple so that the logo is able to be printed on any material. For instance, a civil engineering company may pick images of bridges or other civil works.

  • Colour

Colour may invoke emotions, both positive and negative. Our brain might associate blue with authority, success, and security. For instance, green represents health, nature, renewal, and environmental issues. While red is representative of action, adventure, energy, love, passion, and drive.

  • Designer

It is essential to choose a professional logo designer that has a thorough knowledge of creating graphics and combining elements. All this, combined, creates the perfect unique engineering logo.

Some popular engineering and architecture logos are:

Iberdrola logo

Iberdrola is the wind energy leader, placed at the top 5 of electric companies in the world, and it is the first energy group in Spain. In the logo there are 3 images superimposed: the green leaf represent nature, the blue bead represents the water, and air, and the yellow bead represents the earth and the fire; each of them are elements that Iberdrola transforms carefully into energy.

Lama architectura logo The slogan of this architecture firm is: LAMA ARHITECTURA | architectural sharpness. It is dedicated to building design, both exterior design and interior design. In the logo the word ‘lama’ is visible. It has sharp edges according to their slogan, and the red colour indicates energy, and passion for what they are doing. In addition, it is worth mentioning that in ther website, each of their projects are represented with a logo, which is a sketch of the external shape of the building.

International Association of Engineering Students

In my opinion, a very representative logo. IACES stands for International Association of Civil (European) Engineers. The bridge of the picture symbolises that their main activities are civil activies, and the stars might remind the viewer of a union.

Vibrant Water Engineering Vibrant Water Engineering is located in Vista, California, USA. This Engineering firm  is one of the few full service water conditioning manufactures in the water conditioning industry. The logo is is composed of a blue water drop, which clearly identifies their activity. It is incorporates letters in another colour, with which to empathise their main product; water.

In your opinion, what makes a unique logo?

Credits: Images and data linked to sources.

Miriam Ansorena

Miriam Ansorena holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Navarre, in Spain. Strongly concerned about the environment, in the past, she worked full-time as a Design Engineer of Wind Turbines. Her blogs will concentrate primarily on the affects of wind turbines and their prevelance, however, she will also cover issues occurring around Zarautz, Spain and Berlin, Germany. Although she currently resides in Berlin, she is from Zarautz, Spain and has lived in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Glasgow, United Kingdom.

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2 Responses to “Unique Engineering & Architectural Logo Designs”

  1. Babac Says:

    Iberdrola logo is overused leafs logos like 100 around.
    Lama looks like for a roof service company.
    Iaces have stars like UE flag but the bridge looks like San Francisco bridge.
    And “International Association of Civil Engineers” below is hard to read.
    Vibrant Water also overused water drop.
    Average logos, nothing more.

  2. Miriam Ansorena Says:

    Hello Babac

    Thank you very much for your comment. For me, considering a logo to be unique is very subjective. For me, the ones mentioned above represent their business. This is why I consider them nice. Do you know any logo that in your opinion is unique?

    All the best,


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