February 29 2012

The Benefits of a Website for Planning and Design Businesses


Having a website is essential in today’s web-driven world. Many businesses use their websites to help drive sales, leads, and advertisements. Environmental design, urban planning, and architecture businesses can benefit from websites as well.

In a previous blog about promoting your business online, I constantly mentioned creating a website first and foremost. Online advertising is usually cheaper (or free) compared to print advertising, but online advertising efforts are effectively moot without having a website to drive traffic to. Online advertising is accessible for longer periods of time and can reach a wider audience than print advertisements. Linking your company’s website to an online ad will give someone all of the contact information they need, plus more.

The ‘plus more’ on a website is very important to environmental design companies. Websites allow environmental design, architecture, and urban planning companies to showcase their work, to anyone, on a 24/7/365 basis. Potential clients are able to learn about your company whenever they have time; business can take place beyond the traditional 8-5 hours, five days a week. This can offer convenience and allow your environmental design company to reach potential clients, whom otherwise could not travel to see your firm and work. Showcasing environmental design work on a website also gives a company the chance to archive its previous work in a much more effective manner than a storage room. A website will also provide future clients with contact information at the click of a button, facilitating easier initial communication efforts.

This is just a short overview of some of the more important benefits of a website for an environmental design company. There are numerous other benefits, such as being able to do market research easier; those that would help environmental design businesses grow their presence.

Environmental design, architecture, and urban planning companies interested in creating a website can contact a website design company for more information about where to begin.

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Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas is a graduate student studying Urban and Regional Planning and Business Administration - Information Systems at the University of South Florida. She became interested in urban issues as an undergraduate student, and developed a focus on urban issues in the Tampa Bay area after serving as an intern for a light rail campaign in 2010. She currently works at the Tampa Bay Partnership, a public-private economic development company. She has credited her time with Global Site Plans as one of the reasons behind her employment there.

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