December 19 2013

Sustainable Thinking Connecting Lincoln through Green by Design

Green design is both an ideology and a process. It encompasses a key sustainability aspect through the utilization and implementation of environmentally sound principles both within development and design as well as within the daily routine of life. Green design looks to take a pragmatic approach to creating a union between the natural world and the unavoidable consumerist tendencies that have become instilled with society. One Lincoln, Nebraska organization is setting out to become an advocate for this very ideology, bringing together individuals, businesses, non-profits and government agencies to promote a sustainable Lincoln that embodies smart growth and environmental stewardship both in the public and private sector.

Through collaborative efforts of partnerships with various local companies, Green by Design has been able to create a sort of sustainable coalition, instilling the principle that through collective efforts and embracing sustainable design, society can create a community in which renewable energy, conservation, and efficiency can be common place. Green by Design makes this collaboration possible through:

  • Facilitating the creation of self-sustaining green building and design programs;
  • Collaborating with the Mayor’s Environmental Advisory Committee to support green projects for the City of Lincoln;
  • Working to adhere to the 2006 U.S. Conference of Mayors resolution on Green Building and Energy and Environmental Challenges;
  • Developing incentives and recognition programs to promote long-term sustainable development;
  • Evaluating existing codes, ordinances, and regulations for sustainability barriers;
  • Implementing a system of public policies and quality controls that encourage sustainable development; and
  • Creating a public resource for information on sustainability.

WRK LLC Partnership Lincoln, Nebraska

Studio 951 Partnership Lincoln, Nebraska

Amidst Green by Design’s active efforts within the community, their webpage creates an active interface for online users that further encourages the platform of sustainability. Utilizing active links to such things as a “green map,” green design blog “Lincoln Green Scene,” and clear outlines of the goals, partnerships, and activities the organization is involved in helps to develop an online experience that works as a vehicle to drive the idea of green design within the city of Lincoln.

As the city of Lincoln is seeing collaborative efforts set the ideology of green design into action, how have you seen your community do the same?

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Lisa Gran

Lisa Gran is an undergraduate student in her final semester of studying Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. As an aspiring engineer, Lisa is especially interested in the utilization and development of environmentally sound materials in sustainable planning and design. As she nears the end of her undergraduate studies, she plans on gearing a career in sustainable urban design and engineering principles, drawing inspiration from cities around the globe.

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