February 15 2012

Steps and Tools to Promote Urban Planning Firms Online

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A few weeks ago, I explored three avenues for social media marketing for urban planners and urban planning firms. The social media marketing steps discussed in that blog are just a handful of steps for an urban planning firm to promote themselves online. There are many different avenues a firm can take to promote itself online. There are three steps to promoting your firm online:

1.  Establish an online presence.

To have an effective online presence, a firm should have a functioning website. Social media marketing sounds like a good idea, but it can fail if a firm does not have a website to bring people back to. The website provides an overview of the firm. The website can be designed in-house or done through web designing companies.

2. Establish a social identity.

Either through active social media marketing or through email marketing and other forms of Internet marketing. These forms of promotions help a company get their name out and help them reach more people than traditional advertising avenues would. It is also important during this step to establish a system for search engine optimization (SEO). This step will allow a firm’s online messages to better target the appropriate audiences and draw in more traffic.

3. Stay up-to-date with campaigns and your social media network.

It is easy to start internet or social media marketing campaigns, but it is also easy to forget. E-marketing firms can help firms through these forms of internet marketing campaigns if the firm is unable to keep up-to-date with these. E-marketers can also help with the process of search engine optimization to draw in more visitors.

Establishing an online presence and online promotions is not a difficult task. It can be completed in-house if an urban planning firm has staff adept with internet and social media marketing. However, if a firm prefers, they can also reach-out to e-marketers and website designers for these services.

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Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas is a graduate student studying Urban and Regional Planning and Business Administration - Information Systems at the University of South Florida. She became interested in urban issues as an undergraduate student, and developed a focus on urban issues in the Tampa Bay area after serving as an intern for a light rail campaign in 2010. She currently works at the Tampa Bay Partnership, a public-private economic development company. She has credited her time with Global Site Plans as one of the reasons behind her employment there.

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