December 19 2012

Nailing the Basics: Five Ways Elton Consulting Demonstrates How to Do a Website Right

While I don’t have a background in design, I know a good website when I see one. Elton Consulting Group is a planning firm with three offices in Australia. In addition to consulting services, Elton Consulting Group operates a news bulletin called Urban Affairs. Here are five things that make their website stand out.

Elton Consulting

1. The Landing Page
Also known as a homepage, this immediately catches the eye with an image banner depicting recent company projects and news items. Engaging potential clients with strong visuals is incredibly important because of the power of images. We have all heard that, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” By showcasing people and projects on your homepage and throughout your website, you are communicating a sense of value and pride to your audience.

2. The Logo
Elton Consulting Group's LogoElton Consulting Group’s logo is simple and playful. The font mimics many of the frontrunners of the Web 2.0 movement, and the manipulation of the O into a speech bubble graphically shows the importance of dialogue in the consulting business. There is a single pop of colour, ensuring the logo looks just as good on an LED screen as on a greyscale printed document. Remembering to design your logo for a variety of media is often overlooked but highly necessary!

3. The Colour Scheme
Once again, Elton plays it simple. Green is the accent colour of choice, while the rest of the website is shades of white and grey. This simplicity allows for easy identification of key information, such as headings and hyperlinks. The colour palette also ensures the images at the heading of each page take centre stage.

4. The Navigation
Browsing Elton’s website is simple and intuitive. Some websites struggle with verbose headings, confusing abbreviations and acronyms, or haphazard organization. Everything on this website is clear, concise, and exactly where I would expect it to be. Additionally, the website appears to have been optimized for viewing on both computers and tablets. Site navigation is the foundation of user experience, and those in the planning and engineering world know that a strong foundation is essential.

5. The Layout
It goes without saying that each page on a website should have the same layout. Elton nails this, but that isn’t the aspect of their layout that wows. The speech bubble motif from their logo reappears throughout their website: the search bar at the top of each page, the body text background, and the social media connect icons are all shaped like speech bubbles. Even the colour-blocked navigation and testimonial blurbs off to each side suggest a speech bubble. While it may sound somewhat overdone, the repetition creates continuity and ties in with the logo.

Elton Consulting

The sole critique I have is that the footer feels empty. Many websites fill this space with navigational hyperlinks or the address and contact information for the business. Because Elton Consulting Group has three locations, I would suggest listing the location and phone number of each.

Overall, Elton Consulting Group does all of the essentials well, and is a good case study of Website Design 101. Their website isn’t flashy, but rather does well in showcasing and communicating the hard work they put into each project.

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Jordan Rockerbie

Jordan Rockerbie is a former The Grid blogger and a graduate of the University of British Columbia, holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies with a minor in Geography. Originally from Victoria, BC, Canada, he has also made his home in Kelowna, BC, Canada; Banff, AB, Canada; and Singapore. He has a budding interest in urban planning and design, inspired by the vibrant cities he calls home and the natural landscapes that form their backdrop. His passions lie in architecture, parks, active transportation, and innovative redevelopment.

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