April 09 2012

How Much Should Website Maintenance Cost?

The cost of website maintenance is variable and dependent on a number of factors.

Creating and maintaining a website is a complex task that involves making decisions regarding design, branding, marketing, and content. How much should website maintenance cost? The answer is that the price is variable and dependent on a number of factors. Mostly, this depends on what maintenance of your website will cover, the total number of hours, and time frame needed to do the maintenance.

Most businesses choose to outsource website maintenance to a third party so that they are able to focus on running their company or nonprofit. However, this cost also varies depending on if your provider bills you by the minute or rounds the cost up on a monthly or weekly basis. It is important to note that major changes to website design normally can’t be included in a maintenance fee because the scale of these changes varies so much. In addition, while hourly billing is popular, the website maintenance required for a project can often be based on a flat rate in order to ensure that a project does not exceed a certain budgetary amount.

Another aspect to consider is how quickly your company or nonprofit wants changes to occur. In addition, the amount of content that you are able to generate or the amount of content that is generated by the provider will also influence the cost of website maintenance. The volume of the website and the software needed to complete maintenance are other factors that will influence cost.

Overall, the cost of website maintenance is variable but vital for the growth of your business or nonprofit. Global Site Plans offers discounted short-range, mid-range, and long-range website maintenance packages based on a normal hourly rate of $50.00/hr which represents a savings of up to 20%.

How has website maintenance encouraged the growth of your business or nonprofit?

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Christine Camilleri

Christine Devon Camilleri blogged for the GRID from October 2011 to May 2012. She is a Graduate student studying City and Regional Planning at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. She also holds a B.S. in Human Development from Cornell University. She has lived in New York City for the majority of her life, and currently resides in Brooklyn, N.Y. Prior to joining Global Site Plans she worked as a grassroots political organizer. She is especially interested in New York City’s post-industrial waterfronts and the implications of participatory planning processes for community development initiatives.

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