August 13 2014

Government Technology Facilitates a “New City” in Lincoln, Nebraska

With the rise of the technological era, city governments are rapidly realizing the importance of harnessing this scientific know-how in order to provide an optimal environment for their citizens. Through marketing and the creation of new and renovated built environments, members of society can get excited about having something fresh and new to look forward to.

As young members of a society that is obsessed with technology, we are always looking for the next “new” attraction. Internet marketing has provided a slew of resources for residents and visitors to stay up to date on what is “next” in their neck of the woods. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other forms of social media have made it possible to investigate more of what interests them, and where to find it. Aside from social media, many other marketing and branding techniques have made it possible for those who do not have access to technology to stay informed.

Lincoln, Nebraska is a specific city that has recognized the power of technology to improve the quality of life for their citizens and guests. Their newest addition to the downtown area, The Railyard District, is located on Canopy street near West Haymarket, and brings many positive opportunities to the city. The birth of The Railyard was designed around the objective of retaining young professionals in the city and providing them a lifestyle that would be attractive to their needs. The district has provided new residential housing in the forms of lofts, guest lodging, prime space for new and existing businesses, premier entertainment and nightlife, and areas to accommodate traffic and parking.

The Railyards - Lincoln, Nebraska

Creating a new brand for the city of Lincoln was key in the success of the new Railyard District and for the city itself.  Archrival, a buzz-building youth marketing agency saw the positive characteristics that the city had to offer and hopped on board. The company stated, “The truth is, Lincoln is an amazing city in an unexpected place. An awesome art scene, low poverty and crime rates, great schools, low commute times, a strong economy and friendly people have caught the attention of major companies and startups who are taking notice of what’s happening here.” Through their work with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, and a vision to utilize the momentum of the cities awakening, Archrival was able to help brand Lincoln successfully and give it a voice through various marketing techniques including internet marketing, website design, social media, billboard signage, and font proposal for the Lincoln bridge located between The Railyard and Pinnacle Bank ArenaArchrival stated that the key to the brand rested in the community support behind it. “We needed every government department, business, organization, church and influencer to stand behind the brand and want to be a part of the movement. After all, they are Lincoln! So we created a system that expanded the identity to virtually anyone who wanted to use it. The libraries could do a “Read Lincoln” campaign or Parks & Rec could do a “Bike Lincoln” effort. We’re happy to report that Lincoln is all in… from the mayor’s office to the biggest and smallest of businesses, the branding campaign has become a unifying rally cry for its citizens.”

Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln Bridge, and The Railyard in the distance.

The Lincoln campaign, and the buzz of the new Railyard, has reinvigorated the city of Lincoln, Nebraska. The campaign website, promotes city members to connect with each other by sharing why they love Lincoln, post photos, and stay up to date on activities.  To ensure that those without access to technology were able to participate in the city wide movement, seasonal signage promoting Lincoln is posted around town in various locations, creating what Archrival calls an “impromptu scavenger hunt” around the city. Through government funded technology, the Lincoln campaign can be felt by merely walking through the streets of the city head on. The involvement of the government and the realization of the importance of technology to aid in the growth of the city has clearly been recognized and gives citizens an exciting future to look forward to.

How is your city utilizing technology to reach community members or rebrand themselves? Share your responses in the comments below. 

Credits: Images by Ashley Wojtalewicz. Data linked to sources.

Ashley Wojtalewicz

Ashley Wojtalewicz is currently an undergraduate student in the College of Architecture at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. With an emphasis in interior architecture, Ashley has a background and is interested in design research, problem solving & analysis, programming, interior space planning and aesthetics, interior construction, building systems & components, building codes, and building materials. As an aspiring designer and architect, Ashley continues to be fascinated by all forms of architecture and the social, environmental, and theoretical implications that make up the world we live in. Ashley will investigate these and other topics in the Omaha and Lincoln areas of Nebraska. She is excited to further explore and share her passion for architecture with the world and looks forward to furthering her own knowledge of the subject along the way.

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