November 24 2011

5 Suggestions for the FiELD9:architecture Website

FIELD houseThis designer has a very impressive portfolio of work; the projects reveal sensitivity to sustainability, scale, texture, and function. At present, I feel the FiELD9: architecture website does not do justice to the talents and passions of the designer.  The “brand” FiELD9 is unique and innovative, and these suggestions are intended to support the needs of website users.

After reviewing FiELD9: architecture’s website design, I make the following general recommendations:

1. The Home page should spotlight selected works. I recommend giving the blog its own page; after all, social media is a powerful way to link up with new clients and build on existing relationships;

FiELD9 Home Page

2. While the lower case “i” in FiELD makes a statement about your brand, one should consider using standard capitalization in your text body. Also one should think about a standardized format for naming projects that facilitates effortless browsing;

3. Establish a mission statement in the About section. Clients want to understand how you define FiELD9: architecture. How do you interpret sustainability?  Carry this mission throughout your web marketing;

FiELD9 About Page

FiELD9:architecture logo

4.  Consider simplifying the logo.  It is very impressive, but the important thing is the message it sends.  Does it say organic and innovative? What do you want it to say?;

5. Most importantly, formatting: Simplify, Justify and Classify.

Simplify – The header should be easy to navigate.

Pages should read:  Home | About | Architecture | Graphic Design | Blog | Contact

FiELD9 Projects

Justify – Justify text. White space is a design element and should be used with purpose.

Classify – The individual Architecture project pages revealed a great use of technology, but finding a project was difficult. Pick one category for each project. What’s your priority: why you designed it, the type of structure, or whether it was actually built?

Architecture is about the user experience and so is website design. I hope these recommendations will help FiELD9 Architecture strike a balance between letting their amazing work speak for itself and narrating their values.

If you would like your website to be critiqued by a Global Site Plans, The GRID blogger, please submit your information.

Credits: Images linked to source.

Alexandria Stankovich

Alexandria Stankovich graduated from The University of Michigan with a B.S. in Architecture. In order to gain an authentic understanding of the urban context through the lens of education, she became a Denver, Colorado corps member with Teach for America, teaching elementary Special Education. Returning to metro-Detroit, Michigan, Alexandria writes about the innovative design projects and urban programs taking place in the Motor City. Fueled by her passions for the triple bottom line - environment, economy, and social equity – Alexandria is now working on her Masters in Urban & Regional Planning. She is specializing in Physical Planning and Real Estate Development.

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