July 10 2013

Jessica Yoon: A Farewell to Global Site Plans and The Grid

New Orleans from Bayou St. John

When I received the opportunity to take on a blogging internship with Global Site Plans, I was excited to become more engaged with issues of urban planning and development in New Orleans. Over the last six months, this internship has helped me develop new skills, as well as given me a deeper appreciation for the progress happening in my city.

The publishing schedule of the blog kept me constantly in tune with new developments and initiatives that are shaping the City of New Orleans. From an award winning post-disaster house to a guerilla skatepark that has found official acceptance, inspiration was everywhere. I felt proud to summarize the developments for fresh food retailers and artist housing, sharing the innovations happening in New Orleans with readers of the blog.

The internship has also been an outlet to help me explore my personal feelings about issues in New Orleans. As New Orleans has made great strides in improving conditions for bicycling recently, I was able to draw upon my own experience as a bike commuter to highlight the need to build upon that momentum. Additionally, as a resident that spent her first six months in the city working in the unfortunate footprint of the new hospital district, this blog helped me to take something that was personally upsetting and report on it from the viewpoint of others.

As I end my time with The Grid, I take stock of my newly developed blogging skills and my rekindled curiosity for New Orleans. I will continue to be engaged in issues shaping my city, continuing to read, research, write – and hopefully influence – the urban landscape in future personal and professional endeavors.

To all readers and commenters, it’s been a pleasure.

Jessica Yoon

Jessica Yoon at the future Lafitte Greenway

Credit: Photos by Jessica Yoon. Data linked to source.

Jessica Yoon

Jessica Yoon is a native Oregonian, currently residing in New Orleans, Louisiana. She holds a B.S. in Urban and Regional Studies from Cornell University, where she became interested in how great places can promote both equity and prosperity. She is primarily interested in how smart planning and design initiatives, combined with inspired real estate development projects, can create wonderful urban places for people to live, work, and thrive. Jessica reports on new initiatives and urban developments in New Orleans, where a fast pace of progress raises hope for a vibrant future for the city and region. Beyond her work as a marketing professional and blogger, Jessica enjoys riding her bicycle, eating her way through the city’s food scene, and listening to economics podcasts.

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