August 19 2013

From Buena Vista, Colorado and Katie Poppel: A Farewell to the Grid

It’s important to look at every opportunity as a possible learning experience for self-improvement and a better understanding of one’s environment. Blogging for The Grid was definitely one if these experiences.

Katie Poppel in Colorado

First and foremost, The Grid allowed for my writing skills to grow and develop. I prided myself on my ability to write – and write well – prior to joining The Grid, but this internship has pushed me to better my skills in the area even more. I was a daily reader of The Grid before I became a blogger; I always enjoyed the short, informational blogs from cities all around the world. Training myself to write in the short, to-the-point style of The Grid was a learning experience, as I generally tend to be more wordy and superfluous.

Secondly, I chose to complete this internship during a planning co-op in the town of Buena Vista – a town of about 3,000 in the south-central mountains of Colorado. Writing a bi-weekly blog on environmental design within Buena Vista alone was a struggle some weeks. The town is doing surprisingly well in terms of development and is currently planning for an economic revamp of their downtown corridor. Needless to say, you really become familiar on a more personal level with a town when you must seek out articles versus having them right in front of you. While a challenge, it helped me to grow a better understanding of my local environment.

I leave The Grid as a senior at the University of Cincinnati; I graduate next spring with a Bachelor of Urban Planning. I don’t know in what direction my final focus will be, but I am still highly interested in sustainable design and public spaces. My plan is to attend graduate school or complete a research fellowship upon graduation.

Overall, I hope I made my point through my blogs that small towns have important environmental design aspects to consider, as well as that planning plays a vital role in the rural community, as much as in the urban city.

This isn’t a goodbye, but a see you later.

Credits: Data and images linked to sources.

Katie Poppel

Katie Poppel comes to The Grid as a student constantly on the go. Set to graduate from the University of Cincinnati in 2014, she is studying for a bachelor of urban planning with focuses in urban design and sustainability. Her program has allowed her to work for the City of Chicago and the Congress for New Urbanism this past year, as well as study abroad at the University of Amsterdam, College of Social Sciences. In her free time, you can find her exploring cities, playing soccer, or skiing. She has a serious case of wanderlust and enjoys the rush of cities over the countryside. Katie writes from Colorado, as she interns for the small town of Buena Vista south of Denver.

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