October 13 2011

Designing Retail for Pedestrians and Bicyclists: Neotraditionalist, New Urbanist Design

October 13th, 2011Posted by 

Neotraditionalist, or new urbanism design, is committed to pedestrian-friendly streets. Details for this type of urban design include mixed-use zoning, garages at the back of residential lots utilizing alleys, and retail areas located on the same secondary streets running throughout the development. Pedestrians and bicyclists become the main focus for this type of development, as […]

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September 29 2011

Sharing Bicycle Trails and Pedestrian Paths: Etiquette Rules

September 29th, 2011Posted by 

As a pedestrian on a bicycling/walking path, you’ve probably grumbled as a bicyclist passed from behind without warning. Or maybe you’ve feared for your children’s safety as you’ve pulled them to the side of the path as bicyclists whizzed past without regard to their speed. On the other hand, as a bicyclist, chances are you […]

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September 01 2011

Landscape Design and Maintenance: Utilizing Local Information Resources

September 1st, 2011Posted by 

My professor recently told a story about an individual that was picking out trees for a landscape design he was working on. Of all the trees available to him at the nursery, he chose ones that had been improperly planted so that the soil and mulch covered the root flare and was piled too high […]

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August 10 2011

Placemaking: How America Has Lost its Notion of “Place”

August 10th, 2011Posted by 

What makes a place?  And why is it important?  I have been thinking about these two questions quite a bit lately.  They are probably deeper questions than any of us realize; partly because the questions seem so simple, but also, I think, because the meaning of the word “place” has been so watered down by […]

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August 04 2011

Residential Rain Gardens: Promoting Community and Conservation

August 4th, 2011Posted by 

Rain gardens can be found in several public spaces within Lincoln, Nebraska. Sometimes a sign is placed within the landscape, drawing attention to the rain garden and its usefulness to the environment. Unfortunately, not all of these gardens are maintained consistently to make them attractive. The city of Lincoln is actively promoting the installation of […]

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July 20 2011

Models for Sustainable Transportation: Alternatives to the Automobile

July 20th, 2011Posted by 

When it comes to developing more sustainable methods of transportation for Americans, there is nowhere to go, but up. Americans emit nearly 4,500 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions per person, per year. This is nearly double that of any other country in the world; not to mention four times as many emissions as Europe and […]

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July 07 2011

Starting a Bicycle Commuting Revolution Using Social Media

July 7th, 2011Posted by 

As much as I enjoy commuting to work and school on my bicycle, oftentimes I dislike riding it for regular errands. Incomplete streets, limited bicycle trails, and routes are one problem, but a lack of bicycle facilities are another. When you’re hopping out of your car to patronize stores at strip malls, do you ever […]

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June 30 2011

Architecture, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, or Urban Planning Contributing Blogger: 1-Year Internship Opportunity

June 30th, 2011Posted by 

Global Site Plans is offering a one-year internship opportunity for contributing bloggers for topics related to architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, urban planning, urban design, sustainable design, and sustainability. If you are a student with a passion and talent for writing about any of the aforementioned topics, then Global Site Plans wants you as a contributing […]

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May 04 2011

2011 APA Conference Goes Social Media Crazy Using Twitter

May 4th, 2011Posted by 

Three weeks ago, the American Planning Association (APA) held its annual conference in Boston.  Over 5,000 urban planning professionals and students shared their ideas, exchanged business cards, and learned about emerging trends in the profession.  This year, social media, particularly Twitter, played a big role in keeping conference attendees connected and aware of lectures, activities, […]

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April 15 2011

How Urban Planners Can Assist in Creating a New Food System

April 15th, 2011Posted by 

Food is always on the minds of Americans – and urban planners. Here is how urban planning plays a key role in helping create local community-based food systems through urban design: They use  traditional tools such as community plan updates and zoning; They assist with economic development incentives to attract food growers by providing financial […]

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November 14 2010

Internet Directory Listings for Urban Planners, Urban Designers, and Urban Planning Consultancies

November 14th, 2010Posted by 

While most urban planners and urban designers won’t be sought out by individuals, but rather business to business (B2B) because of the nature of their work, there are consultants who can benefit from advertising on the “good-ol’ Internet.” And, if you’re trying to discover ways to drive traffic to your urban planning  or urban design […]

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November 11 2010

Benefits of Website Maintenance and Examples of Website Maintenance Requests

November 11th, 2010Posted by 

When you purchase a vehicle, you plan on maintaining it, correct? Well, just like a well maintained car, your website will need a maintenance plan in order to continually run successfully.  Website maintenance will ensure that your website attracts, educates, and expands your client base, while generating revenue for your business.  This means that even […]

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