March 25 2014

The Melbourians’ Natural Habitat: The Alleyway

March 25th, 2014Posted by 

Like any western city experiencing growth in population as Melbourne has, space is a problem. Over the years both public and private entities have endeavoured to use every bit of space possible, thus, Melbourne has seen the development of these alleyway spaces as a response to the situation. This has developed not only in a […]

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March 12 2014

Industrial Mills of Jones Falls Redeveloped for a New Baltimore

March 12th, 2014Posted by 

My previous blog discussed the chronic undercrowding in the City of Baltimore and the current plans to reverse it by charming homebuyers with reduced property tax rates. The City has also been charming developers of the once abandoned stone mills clustered around Jones Falls. The lure is still tax related, but this time in the […]

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January 16 2014

A Historical Chinese Industrial Building’s Fate Left to Government Hands

January 16th, 2014Posted by 

As the rate of industrialization and urbanization accelerates in China, more and more factories are becoming deserted. Preserving and developing industrial cultural heritage has become an issue that gathers the public’s attention.  The Zhongyan Hongsifang Joint-Stock Company complex was built in the 1950s in Anhui Province, China. The industrial site had a glorious past, but […]

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December 16 2013

A Farewell to The Grid, From Alkisti-Eleni Victoratou

December 16th, 2013Posted by 

Participating in The Grid for the past year was a fascinating experience. A virtual internship in which I had to write and transmit news for one of the cities that I love most, Athens, Greece. Not only did this opportunity intensify my interest in urbanism, but also transformed the way I perceive urbanism. Cities are […]

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September 17 2013

Should Casablanca’s Colonial Heritage Be Preserved?

September 17th, 2013Posted by 

Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city; but unlike the rest of the country’s major cities that were founded between the seventh and fifteenth centuries, Casablanca’s history is quite recent. Casablanca was one of five new planned cities in Morocco after the establishment of the French protectorate in 1912. This political decision aimed at the creation of […]

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July 11 2013

Looking at the “Planet of Slums,” by Mike Davis

July 11th, 2013Posted by 

We often think of migration in terms of the push and pull forces that cause people to move from one place to another, and the demographic statistics that accompany these shifts. But many people skip a whole part of the story: what is the status of this migration now? As researchers, we don’t want to […]

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July 08 2013

A Farewell from Sean Glowacz

July 8th, 2013Posted by 

Driven by a long-standing urge to explore creative writing, I began my internship with Global Site Plans in January 2013. This position provided me a wonderful opportunity to explore a passion of mine that I have tried to nurture throughout my life. While I have had experience writing and editing articles for student newspapers, I […]

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July 01 2013

Where Urban Planners Go: The Top 10 Urban Planning Websites for 2013 – And Coverage of the Top 20

July 1st, 2013Posted by 

Last year, The Grid went on a mission to uncover the most popular urban planning-related websites for 2012. With extensive research and the help of Alexa International Rankings, we were able to compile a list of the top 20 websites for this specific niche. It is time for an update. In the list for 2013 […]

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June 24 2013

Creating A Sustainable Environment in Kane County, IL

June 24th, 2013Posted by 

Back in January, I wrote an article that discussed the recent planning efforts of Kane County, IL.  The decision to make “Healthy People, Healthy Living, Healthy Communities” the theme of the Kane County 2040 Plan “recognizes and emphasizes the connection between the most important resource in Kane County – its people – with the opportunities […]

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June 14 2013

These Boots are Made for Walking, and so is This City: 4 Benefits of a Walkable City

June 14th, 2013Posted by 

“Walkers are ‘practitioners of the city,’ for the city is made to be walked. A city is a language, a repository of possibilities, and walking is the act of speaking that language, of selecting from those possibilities. Just as language limits what can be said, architecture limits where one can walk, but the walker invents […]

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May 27 2013

Connecting Health and Local Food Production in Kane County, Illinois

May 27th, 2013Posted by 

How can you measure the health impacts of a policy decision?  This is the question the Kane County urban planners were pondering when they were exploring the revision of the Kane County Farmland Protection Program.  Created in 2001, the Farmland Protection Program has permanently protected over 5,500 acres of agricultural land throughout Kane County and […]

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May 03 2013

A Midland’s Summer Dream: 5 Visions For Nottingham’s Forest Recreation Ground

May 3rd, 2013Posted by 

When you lead a nation in green space, what opportunities do you possess? How do those opprotunities impact small and emerging businesses, and the surrounding communities? At what point do you convert underutilized green space into a sprawling piece of revenue-producing land? In the United Kingdom, Nottingham currently boasts the Kingdom’s top green space ranking. […]

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April 26 2013

Forgotten History: The Cincinnati Social Unit Experiment

April 26th, 2013Posted by 

Brighton – a small, tightly woven community of artists and art galleries, is located Northwest of Over the Rhine and downtown Cincinnati. It retains a ghostly atmosphere – a quiet neighborhood, where age-old nineteenth century Italianate buildings sit dormant against a backdrop of a modern city, now beginning to regain its former prominence. Walking these […]

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April 22 2013

What Athenians in the Greek Capital are Rethinking

April 22nd, 2013Posted by 

Apart from the economic crisis that they have been facing for the past five years, Athenians also have to re-think the city center of Athens. More precisely, they have to re-think one of the most prominent axes that unifies Sintagma (Constitution) and Omonia (Concord) central Squares, which are also attached to the famous neoclassical trilogy […]

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April 08 2013

A Short River Story from Athens, Greece

April 8th, 2013Posted by 

Kifisos is a principal watercourse of the Attica basin which springs from mountains of Parnitha and Penteli, run through downtown Athens and eventually discharges into Saronikos Bay. Just before emptying into the sea, for a stretch of 20klm, river Kifisos has been regrettably covered by transportation infrastructure as means to avoid expensive expropriations. At its […]

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April 05 2013

Great Expectations: The Power of Empowering the Impoverished

April 5th, 2013Posted by 

When you think of tough neighbourhoods and burroughs like the Bronx in New York, or St Ann’s in Nottingham, you don’t necessarily equate them with energy efficient living. If you consider it living at all, it is most certainly not energy efficient living. However, it is in Nottingham England that city council has made an […]

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January 28 2013

Metaxourgio in Athens: A Territory of Rapid Changes

January 28th, 2013Posted by 

Metaxourgio is a residential area of west-central Athens, in close distance to square Omonia. The vicinity’s current urban characteristics stem from its industrial past, which, today, is composed of a big reserve of empty unused buildings, open spaces, small traditional cafés, craftsmen’s workshops on the ground floors of residential buildings, and half-abandoned buildings. Metaxourgio is […]

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January 21 2013

Kane County, Illinois: Uniting Health and Urban Planning

January 21st, 2013Posted by 

Does the design of your environment, the man-made structures and infrastructure that permeate nearly every aspect of your life, influence behavior directly related to your personal health? The government of Kane County, Illinois thinks that it does, as this is evident from their new comprehensive plan, the “Kane County 2040 Plan: Healthy People, Healthy Living, […]

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October 26 2012

10 Twitter #Chats to Follow in Urban Planning and Urban Design

October 26th, 2012Posted by 

The new wave in social media communication is quickly creating a method for discussing topics relating to urban planning, architecture, and community development. The social media site Twitter is leading the charge in this evolution by creating a way for people from around the world to gather in one centralized location to discuss and solve various […]

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September 28 2012

5 Facts About Revitalizing the City of Richmond, Virginia’s Downtown

September 28th, 2012Posted by 

A healthy downtown is an important economic component for any city that desires to increase revenue, improve tourism, or revitalize local neighborhoods. Thus, the local downtown is by and large the life-blood of any metropolitan area. Like many other cities and small towns, urban planners from Richmond, Virginia have been working tirelessly to revitalize the […]

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