May 25 2012

Human Capital for Recycling: Waste Pickers in Istanbul, Turkey

May 25th, 2012Posted by 

Do you know that some people live on other people’s garbage by recycling contents like metal, glass, paper and plastic? Have you ever seen such a person carrying all those contents in a huge hopsack bag on two wheels with two long sticks? Those people are waste-pickers; the most important components of the recycling process […]

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May 11 2012

Istanbul Design Biennial: A First for Turkey

May 11th, 2012Posted by 

Istanbul will host its first design biennial between October 13 – December 12, 2012. The theme is proposed by the director of London Design Museum, Deyan Sudjic, as “imperfection.” This theme refers to Istanbul, a city far from being perfect, yet one of the most inspiring centers of the world, with infinite layers. Istanbul Design […]

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April 24 2012

Yesilist: The Greenopia of Turkey

April 24th, 2012Posted by 

An internet search for “green living” in Turkey does not yield very many results. While environmental problems have been developing throughout history, the emergence of an environmental consciousness doesn’t happen overnight. In Turkey, the concept is still young, boasting both a developing field in environmentalism and a growing green industry. The National Environmental Action Plan […]

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April 18 2012

Current Debates Over the Planning of Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey

April 18th, 2012Posted by 

Taksim Square, in Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the liveliest public spaces in the city. It was a part of the modernization project of the newly-formed republic in the late 1930s. Like many other parts of the city, it was based on the plans of Henri Prost, the prominent representative of the French school of […]

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April 13 2012

Clothing Swapping and Fashion Recycling Emerges in Istanbul, Turkey

April 13th, 2012Posted by 

Have you ever heard about clothes swapping? If you are Turkish, probably not. Because in Turkey, worldwide-known brands have their factories located there, providing people the opportunity to purchase clothes at very low prices. Additionally, Turkish people tend to underestimate the advantages of using one anothers’ old clothes, even-though most parents made their children wear […]

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April 11 2012

(The GRID Blogger) Erman Eruz: Istanbul, Turkey

April 11th, 2012Posted by 

A big Global Site Plans welcome to our newest blogger, Erman Eruz from Istanbul, Turkey. Erman Eruz is an undergraduate at Princeton University where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Civil Engineering, along with a certificate in Urban Studies. Having grown up in Istanbul, Turkey, he is interested in a wide […]

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October 10 2011

“Taksim Belongs to Pedestrians” with Hans Venhuizen: Becoming Istanbul at SALT Beyoğlu

October 10th, 2011Posted by 

On October 1, 2011, SALT Beyoğlu hosted the event “The Making Of – Taksim Belongs to Pedestrians,” moderated by Hans Venhuizen. The second of the English-language “The Making Of” events held at SALT, this  particular gathering discussed how Taksim Square could be utilized by pedestrians. Similar in the style of “The Making Of – Plans for […]

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September 05 2010

An Exhibition on Architecture: ALANistanbul

September 5th, 2010Posted by 

What if architecture becomes the topic of an exhibition? What would be the intersection and alienation points of architecture and art; where art intersects with architecture and deviates from being and art? What can be said on contemporary art over architecture? Are there any possibilities for Architecture to be the art?

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