July 18 2012

Ørestad, Denmark: Cutting Edge Urban Fiber

July 18th, 2012Posted by 

An ambitious project sets new grounds for innovation in Copenhagen Financial and social needs have brought decisive urban expansion in the Danish capital; pushing the urban borders towards the South, bridged by the centre of the city and the Kalvebod Fælled natural reservation, and stretching over five km with six metro stops. Exploration of the […]

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July 11 2012

What is the Purpose of a Park?: Mission Creek Regional Park, Kelowna, Canada

July 11th, 2012Posted by 

Summer has arrived in Canada’s Okanagan valley, and with the warmer weather, people are venturing outside to enjoy the many parks in Kelowna. Among these is Mission Creek Regional Park and Greenway, arguably the most visited park in the city. It includes an educational centre, salmon spawning channel, picnic areas, and a playground. The greenway […]

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July 04 2012

Copenhagen, Denmark’s New Aquarium: Sneak-Preview From The Blue Planet Building Site

July 4th, 2012Posted by 

“A sculpture at the coast unites the natural elements of water, air, and earth.” Kim Herforth Nielsen, 3XN The South-East coast of Zealand, Denmark offers a leisure time oasis as the motor way streams out of the urban area. Sandy beach patches, with small yacht ports and bike tracks, stretch across undulating green fields. Before […]

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May 10 2012

From Green Thumb to White House: University of Massachusetts Permaculture Makes Big Strides

May 10th, 2012Posted by 

College lawns are not just for Frisbees anymore. The UMass Permaculture Initiative snagged top honors at the White House Campus Champions of Change Challenge this March 2012, beating out 1,400 applicants and 15 finalists in a social media voting campaign. The project, founded in October 2010, is just one of many efforts in a growing […]

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May 08 2012

Design Elements of the Mammoth Lakes, CA Gateway Project: The Mountains are Calling

May 8th, 2012Posted by 

The Mammoth Gateway Project is an effort to elaborate on the entrance to the resort community of Mammoth Lakes, CA. Signage is crucial for travelers and Mammoth Lakes needs wayfinding markers to help tourists get around with ease, while creating memorable experiences. The Mammoth Gateway Project is the ultimate expression of Mammoth’s desire to stick […]

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April 17 2012

Developing the Waterfront: Cleveland, Ohio Shoreline Development Plan

April 17th, 2012Posted by 

A new urban planning and development scheme is being implemented in Cleveland, Ohio that will dramatically change the look and accessibility of the city’s underutilized waterfront. Located on the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland Ohio’s lakefront has long been neglected with little commercial development and fewer public spaces. EE&K architects of New York, in conjunction […]

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February 01 2012

Tree Planting Efforts in Tampa, Florida

February 1st, 2012Posted by 

Trees are important for cities. Environmentally-speaking, trees provide important environmental inputs and outputs. Aesthetically-speaking, trees can provide a sense of beauty to a city. Planners and landscape architects have long-recognized the importance of trees and other plants in urban design.Tampa, Florida has a long-established grassroots organization that has helped bring trees to the city. The […]

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January 03 2012

The Whitmore Track Project: Attracting Athletes to High Altitudes in Mammoth Lakes, Califonia

January 3rd, 2012Posted by 

How can a world-renowned ski resort town attract world-class athletes in the summer time? The answer is a top-notch sports field facility. For Mammoth Lakes, California this project is called The Whitmore Park Track and Sports Field Project, a joint effort by the High Sierra Striders and the Town of Mammoth Lakes to be completed by […]

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December 19 2011

City Tree Policy: Planting Indigenous Tree Species in Montreal, Canada

December 19th, 2011Posted by 

Trees form an essential part of the landscape of any city, and Montreal is no exception. Their functions include the following: ●     Providing shade; ●     Purifying the air; ●     Beautifying neighbourhoods and providing ornamental value; ●     Improving curb appeal and adding to property values; ●     Saving on home heating and air conditioning costs. In fact, […]

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November 08 2011

Learning from the Liverpool One Development: Nottingham, Take Note

November 8th, 2011Posted by 

Nottingham is stagnating. Retail growth has stalled, along with Westfield’s promise of a shiny new Broadmarsh shopping centre. The city has proved its potential as a linear city time and again, with the many shops along Clumber Street and Bridelsmith Gate benefiting from one of the highest footfall figures in Europe, but the Broadmarsh is […]

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September 01 2011

Landscape Design and Maintenance: Utilizing Local Information Resources

September 1st, 2011Posted by 

My professor recently told a story about an individual that was picking out trees for a landscape design he was working on. Of all the trees available to him at the nursery, he chose ones that had been improperly planted so that the soil and mulch covered the root flare and was piled too high […]

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July 28 2011

Can Modern Architecture and Traditional Co-Exist? Alvar Aalto’s Summer Homes

July 28th, 2011Posted by 

While Alvar Aalto is famous for his contributions to modernist architecture, he also designed and built numerous summer homes for his clients and himself.  While most modern architects work with steel and concrete, Aalto focused on timber constructions and warm interiors with attention to detail. These cottages combine a modern aesthetic with traditional vernacular influences […]

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July 07 2011

Starting a Bicycle Commuting Revolution Using Social Media

July 7th, 2011Posted by 

As much as I enjoy commuting to work and school on my bicycle, oftentimes I dislike riding it for regular errands. Incomplete streets, limited bicycle trails, and routes are one problem, but a lack of bicycle facilities are another. When you’re hopping out of your car to patronize stores at strip malls, do you ever […]

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June 30 2011

Car-Free Cities: Vauban’s Filtered Permeability

June 30th, 2011Posted by 

Environmental concerns are spurring many cities to implement urban plans to make their streets more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. While it is getting increasingly easier to navigate cities without a car, it’s still hard to imagine living in the prototypical suburb without using your vehicle for almost everything. However, in Germany, an experimental suburban model […]

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May 26 2011

5 Details to Implement in Landscape Architecture Designs

May 26th, 2011Posted by 

I love walking through my urban neighborhood in Lincoln, Nebraska, on early spring mornings. Although it is nestled between main arterial streets, I am enveloped in nature through thoughtful design. The rising sun penetrates areas of the urban design landscape that fade into the shadow as the day progresses. During these glimpses of new activity, […]

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May 17 2011

Sustainable Landscape Design: Pamela Abee-Taulli

May 17th, 2011Posted by 

A warm Global Site Plans welcome to Pamela Abee-Taulli, the newest blogger to The Grid. Every other Tuesday, starting in May, you can find Pamela Abee-Taulli blogging about her passions for sustainble landscape design, energy, climate change, and urban design. Pamela Abee-Taulli has an M.S. in Community & Regional Planning from the University of Texas at […]

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November 12 2010

Free Landscape Architect, Landscape Designers, and Landscape Architecture Directory Listings

November 12th, 2010Posted by 

Discovering the most cost-effective way to promote your landscape architecture or landscape design business, through a marketing plan, should always include the Internet. And if you’re trying to discover ways to drive traffic to your  landscape architecture or landscape design business and website that are free, you’ve come to the right place. I searched Google.com […]

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