May 20 2011

Campaigning and Fundraising Using Social Media Sites

May 20th, 2011Posted by 

One organization that is using new tools offered by companies like Global Site Plans to grow and build its advocacy campaigns is Next Aide.

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May 06 2011

Car-Centric Architecture and a Vision for Los Angeles

May 6th, 2011Posted by 

In a previous post one of our other bloggers, Jessica, wrote about the excitement of CicLAvia, “I believe if cities adopted a building style that considered cyclists, instead of being optimized for cars, this “Bikitecture” would promote safer and friendlier streets for the city.” Jessica, I could not agree with you more. The building style […]

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April 01 2011

What Will Bring People and Business Back to the Streets?

April 1st, 2011Posted by 

With the intention of planting a victory garden for a friend who just beat cancer we rode into the City of Montrose 30 minutes outside of Los Angeles to a nursery. I had my favorite nursery mapped out and I asked my friend Di why we would drive outside our city to find one. “Well,” […]

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February 07 2011

Why is Logo Design Important for Your Company?

February 7th, 2011Posted by 

Sloppy and ineffective marketing is the cause of half of all businesses failures within their first few years, this includes forgoing logo design.  If you are a sole proprietorship or small business that is waiting until a few clients come your way until you begin the process of designing a logo and/or marketing materials, here […]

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November 11 2010

Benefits of Website Maintenance and Examples of Website Maintenance Requests

November 11th, 2010Posted by 

When you purchase a vehicle, you plan on maintaining it, correct? Well, just like a well maintained car, your website will need a maintenance plan in order to continually run successfully.  Website maintenance will ensure that your website attracts, educates, and expands your client base, while generating revenue for your business.  This means that even […]

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August 15 2010

WordPress Websites Increase Search Engine Ranking

August 15th, 2010Posted by 

Redesigning Your Site or Need to Drive Traffic? If you have a architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, urban planning consultancy firm, or an environmental non-profit and your considering redesigning your website or trying to drive internet traffic, the most effective option is a WordPress website. WordPress websites are the easiest for Google and other search engines […]

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