November 26 2013

Beijing Develops Tongzhou New City as its Sub-Center

November 26th, 2013Posted by 

On June 29th, the eleventh Beijing Municipal Party Congress positioned the development of the Tongzhou New City as “the sub-center of Beijing.” Liu Qi, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China said in the government report that it’s time to speed up the pace of urbanization, and to further implement […]

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October 16 2013

Camlica Mosque to Mark Istanbul’s Skyline

October 16th, 2013Posted by 

This post is also available in Turkish. The highest point in Istanbul is Camlica Hill. At 288 meters, it can be seem from most vantage points throughout the city. On May 29, 2012 Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced: “We are going to build a mosque over 15,000 meters square next to the broadcasting tower in Camlica. The planning […]

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July 19 2013

Should We Still Be Inviting Private Corporations to Redevelop Detroit?

July 19th, 2013Posted by 

Many revolutionary types in Detroit today will tell you that the City’s downfall was brought on largely by the influence corporate automakers have had historically over urban planning and policy. Even the 1987 film Robocop was a comment on corporate overreach and the preference for privatization in the city. You’d be hard-pressed to find an […]

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June 12 2013

Crowdsourcing the Evolution of an Industrial Neighborhood: The Granary District’s Journey at The Congress for the New Urbanism’s CNU21

June 12th, 2013Posted by 

James Alfandre, Kentlands Initiative James Alfandre, Executive Director at the Kentlands Initiative, opened the session by defining crowdsourcing. He thinks of crowdsourcing as an “open call to an undefined group of people.” It’s essentially Wikipedia’s open source model applied to urban revitalization and development. Alfandre said that there are two major steps to creating the […]

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June 01 2013

Is the “Great American Grid” Even American?: The Great American Grid Debate at The Congress for the New Urbanism’s CNU21

June 1st, 2013Posted by 

Susan Mudd, who has attended 20 out of the 21 Congress for the New Urbanism annual congresses and is John Norquist’s wife, explained to me that the reason why CNU has chosen to call their annual gatherings ‘congresses’ rather than ‘conferences’ is due to the serious debates that take place each year. After attending the […]

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May 23 2013

Program Support Internship: Apply by June 28, 2013

May 23rd, 2013Posted by 

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February 08 2013

(The GRID Blogger) Steven Petsinis: Melbourne, Australia

February 8th, 2013Posted by 

A big Global Site Plans welcome to our newest blogger, Steven Petsinis from Melbourne, Australia. Steven Petsinis is an Urban Planning graduate from Melbourne, Australia. He has been involved in Urban Research and Development projects in Medellin, Colombia and Saigon, Vietnam and is currently pursuing his masters in Melbourne, Australia. His main interests lie in […]

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September 25 2012

Community Colleges And The E.D.A: Working Together For Economic Development in Mammoth Lakes, California

September 25th, 2012Posted by 

Economic development is the practice of inspiring private investment, retaining, and creating jobs. Economic development specialists and urban planners focus on economic development, work towards promoting entrepreneurship and small business development, implementing tax incentives for development projects, and expanding employment opportunities for local residents. In Mammoth Lakes, CA the current economic development strategy is to […]

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July 17 2012

Downtown Tucson, Arizona Revitalization

July 17th, 2012Posted by 

The city of Tucson, Arizona is sometimes referred to as “the Old Pueblo.” “Pueblo” is a Spanish word derived from a Latin word “populus,” meaning “town.” Downtown Tucson is the historic and cultural heart of the Old Pueblo. Its rich history is reflected in numerous historical buildings, and a strong arts and cultural sector. Downtown […]

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May 02 2012

New Conceptions on the Link Between Rural and Urban Development

May 2nd, 2012Posted by 

There is a strong paradigm shift in the literature recently, on how rural development and urban development affect one another. The conventional wisdom of the last three decades suggests that urban and rural developments are separate and compete with each other for resources. However, a closer looks reveals that this is far from the truth. […]

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February 28 2012

Is the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Doing Anything to Get People Back to Work?

February 28th, 2012Posted by 

Times are hard. There are very few places in the world unaffected by the economic downturn. And nowhere has this impact been felt more harshly than the construction industry, which has left a generation of architecture graduates trapped in limbo, struggling to get a foothold in the industry. In the United Kingdom the Royal Institute […]

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January 17 2012

Geothermal Energy Development in Mammoth Lakes, California

January 17th, 2012Posted by 

Geothermal energy is making the news around the world as the most reliable source of renewable energy. Geothermal energy comes from heat in the Earth’s core which was generated when the  planet was formed as well as from the radioactive decay of minerals. Historically, this energy could only be harnessed near the Earth’s tectonic plates, […]

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January 06 2012

Capitalizing on Cayuga Lake: Waterfront Redevelopment in Ithaca

January 6th, 2012Posted by 

The potential for waterfront redevelopment has been a recent hot topic of debate here in Ithaca, New York. Ithaca’s waterfront consists of the southern end of Cayuga Lake, which is mostly parkland and upscale residential properties, and Cayuga Inlet flowing from the south into the lake, whose banks host a wider variety of industrial, recreational, […]

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December 09 2011

Ithaca is Gorges: Preserving Scenic Views in Ithaca, New York

December 9th, 2011Posted by 

Ithaca, New York in the Finger Lakes region is known for its natural beauty.  Its dramatic landscape of pastoral hills and valleys, deep gorges, rushing waterfalls, and glittering lakes have created many faithful residents and visitors passionate about protecting the area’s scenic resources. In places like Ithaca, urban planners, architects, and developers must be especially […]

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November 04 2011

(The Grid Blogger) Christine Camilleri: New York, New York

November 4th, 2011Posted by 

A big Global Site Plans welcome to our newest blogger, Christine Camilleri in New York, New York. Christine Devon Camilleri is a Graduate student studying City and Regional Planning at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.  She also holds a B.S. in Human Development from Cornell University.  She has lived in New York City for the […]

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October 04 2011

“Future Cities: Creating Tomorrow’s Urban World” to Showcase, Inspire Sustainable Urban Development

October 4th, 2011Posted by 

This month, hundreds of enlightened planners, urbanists, and economists will be flocking to Stockholm to partake in Future Cities, a two-day conference that hopes to answer the questions and problems that have arisen as a result of fast urbanizing global society.  According to the conference’s website, there are many reasons why such a colloquium is […]

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