October 18 2011

Best Uses of Social Media for Urban Planning

October 18th, 2011Posted by 

From the beginning of its practice, planning has always been a discipline of engagement.  Without engaging and interacting with city residents and constituents, planners would be lost with regards to making effective decisions and city plans.  Now, with technology virtually omnipresent and more of these residents having access to data and city information, it’s imperative […]

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September 22 2011

Green Structures: Eco-Technology Blanket Applications vs. Well-Thought Design

September 22nd, 2011Posted by 

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci This spring, the first LEED certified house in Aspen, Colorado sold to a private buyer. Featuring all the bells and whistles of modern environmental design, the house is a massive 6,750 square feet (the average United States home is around 2,000 square feet) situated on 2.33 […]

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August 09 2011

City of Philadelphia Comprehensive Plan 2035: Thrive, Connect, and Renew

August 9th, 2011Posted by 

After months of research and development, the City of Philadelphia released its first comprehensive plan in June 2011, since the “1985 Plan” back in 1960.  The new city plan, which predicts how the city will look 25 years from now in 2035, focuses on the key ideas of thrive, connect, and renew.  But unlike the previous […]

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May 06 2011

Car-Centric Architecture and a Vision for Los Angeles

May 6th, 2011Posted by 

In a previous post one of our other bloggers, Jessica, wrote about the excitement of CicLAvia, “I believe if cities adopted a building style that considered cyclists, instead of being optimized for cars, this “Bikitecture” would promote safer and friendlier streets for the city.” Jessica, I could not agree with you more. The building style […]

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May 04 2011

2011 APA Conference Goes Social Media Crazy Using Twitter

May 4th, 2011Posted by 

Three weeks ago, the American Planning Association (APA) held its annual conference in Boston.  Over 5,000 urban planning professionals and students shared their ideas, exchanged business cards, and learned about emerging trends in the profession.  This year, social media, particularly Twitter, played a big role in keeping conference attendees connected and aware of lectures, activities, […]

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March 21 2011

Considerations For Print Advertisement Design

March 21st, 2011Posted by 

Print advertising design means speaking to your audience through visual means, which requires a lot of delivery – fresh concepts, inviting copy, and unforgettable images.  Global Site Plans specializes in print advertising that will motivate your audience.  Overall, print ads come in all shapes and sizes, but have a common goal of selling your architecture, […]

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March 03 2011

Architects, Prepared for the Architecture Job Upsurge?

March 3rd, 2011Posted by 

Many individuals looking for architecture jobs can start to breathe easier as the economic situation becomes more positive.  In the recent State of the Union address President Obama proposed the ‘Better Buildings’ Initiative, aiming to increase energy efficiency in commercial buildings by 20 percent in the next 10 years, which could mean a lot more […]

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February 15 2011

Architectural Design, Interactive Environments & Art: Jessica DeVries

February 15th, 2011Posted by 

A warm Global Site Plans welcome to Jessica DeVries, the newest blogger to The Grid. Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, starting in March, you can find Jessica DeVries blogging about her passion for architectural design, interactive environments, art, and how to position yourself and your firm in a hopeful economy – among others. Jessica DeVries is a […]

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February 07 2011

Why is Logo Design Important for Your Company?

February 7th, 2011Posted by 

Sloppy and ineffective marketing is the cause of half of all businesses failures within their first few years, this includes forgoing logo design.  If you are a sole proprietorship or small business that is waiting until a few clients come your way until you begin the process of designing a logo and/or marketing materials, here […]

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