July 21 2011

Farmers Markets Provide the Low-Income and Elderly Fresh Produce: Lincoln, Nebraska’s Model

July 21st, 2011Posted by 

Like most urban areas, Lincoln, Nebraska, contains many farmers’ markets throughout the growing season. The biggest of these markets is open on Saturday mornings in the downtown Lincoln area. The market itself has become something of an event, attracting thousands of people each week, during its peak. Just last month, a new farmers’ market opened […]

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June 23 2011

Appreciating the Natural World Despite the Virtual

June 23rd, 2011Posted by 

Where is your focus when you step outdoors? Are you automatically checking personal email and texts, or surfing the Web on your mobile device? Or are you deeply breathing the fresh air and enjoying the sun upon your face? Just recently, in my hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, the air temperature hit triple digits on a […]

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June 09 2011

Implementing Sustainability: 5 Tips for the Urban Planner

June 9th, 2011Posted by 

What do you consider when you think about humanity’s carbon footprint? Do you applaud those that drive an electric car? Or do you commend those who commute by bicycle or public transit? Maybe the fuel-efficient home is more desirable than keeping the thermostat low on cold days while wearing an extra layer of clothes? When […]

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