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January 08 2014

A Light Rail System for Montreal by 2018? Impossible, Say Officials

January 8th, 2014Posted by Marcus Khoury

The decision to bring to abandon the timelines set for the future Champlain Bridge is forcing everyone to sit down and go back to the drawing board. The decision made by the committee for a proposed light rail project last Wednesday was just as sudden as it was devastating. They concluded that it is simply […]

January 06 2014

The Alleys of Quebec City, Canada: Lagging Behind their Montreal Counterparts

January 6th, 2014Posted by Marcus Khoury

The program for beautifying the alleys of Quebec City has found little success in Limoilou. There is so little happening that $600,000 of available funds are sitting in the city’s coffers. “The program does not work at all” explained the official responsible for the report, Sonia Ratté, during a recent plenary committee meeting. “The challenge […]

December 09 2013

Closure of The Champlain Bridge: Transportation Sustainability in Montreal, Quebec

December 9th, 2013Posted by Marcus Khoury

It’s hard to look past the topic of the week: the Champlain Bridge! The closure of several lanes on the bridge deck caused huge traffic jams over several kilometers at the beginning of the week, with the same happening at all road accesses crossing the St. Lawrence River. And that is only the start of […]

November 11 2013

Restoring an “Industrial Ghost” in Montreal, Canada

November 11th, 2013Posted by Marcus Khoury

It is a strange building, made entirely of white concrete, with a mysterious shape. Abandoned for nearly ten years, the Wellington Switch Tower, a gem from Montreal’s industrial past, will now take on a new life. For fifty-seven years, this two-story bunker, located near the Lachine canal in the Griffintown neighborhood, housed the switching center […]

June 24 2013

Summer in Montréal, Canada: My Living Room Just Got a Whole Lot Bigger

June 24th, 2013Posted by Devon Paige Willis

I decided to take this blog post, my last for The Grid, to the field, literally and metaphorically. I am sitting in Parc Laurier, a park close to my home in Montréal’s Plateau neighbourhood. I have gone back to basics, pen and paper in hand. I sit under a tree observing the park and its […]

June 11 2013

Bicycle Theft in Montréal, Canada

June 11th, 2013Posted by Devon Paige Willis

This is a very appropriate week for me to be writing a blog post about bicycle theft in Montréal. Last week, someone took my bell and my lights right off of my bike in the middle of downtown. I am an avid cyclist; I bike to work, to run errands, and to go out to […]

May 14 2013

An Update on the Reconstruction of the Turcot Interchange in Montréal, Canada

May 14th, 2013Posted by Devon Paige Willis

In December 2011, a former Grid blogger, Yosef Robinson, wrote a piece about the reconstruction of the Turcot Interchange, a major highway junction in Montreal, Canada. The original proposal came about as the aging infrastructure was beginning to crumble. The project faced fierce opposition, as it planned to widen the interchange (going against everything we […]

April 30 2013

Public Spaces in a Winter City: Montreal, Canada

April 30th, 2013Posted by Devon Paige Willis

Montreal is transformed by the seasons. During our hot summers, bars and terraces overflow with people, festivals bring crowds to the streets, and public spaces brim with locals and tourists. Winter is a different story. Large public spaces that are vibrant in the warmer months, like Place-des-Arts and Place Jacques-Cartier, are virtually abandoned when the […]

March 05 2013

Traffic Signals on the Scale of Cyclists in Montreal, Canada

March 5th, 2013Posted by Devon Paige Willis

As a part of its plans to invest in sustainable transportation, Montreal has built several bicycle lanes over the years. However, traffic signals for bicycles have yet to follow in many neighbourhoods. Although there are traffic lights directed towards drivers and pedestrians, traffic signals on many streets do not “speak” to cyclists. While traditionally cyclists […]

February 19 2013

A New Bike Coalition in Montréal, Canada

February 19th, 2013Posted by Devon Paige Willis

Montreal is awash with bicycling advocacy groups. In recent months another group has formed: the Montreal Bike Coalition, an initiative of the Mile End neighbourhood community organization “Ruepublique” (literally, public street). The Bike Coalition aims to connect all the grassroots cycling organizations and citizen cyclists, with a focus on utilitarian cycling, while not replicating the […]

February 06 2013

(The GRID Blogger) Devon Willis: Montreal, Canada

February 6th, 2013Posted by Renée van Staveren

A big Global Site Plans welcome to our newest blogger, Devon Willis from Montreal, Canada. Devon Paige Willis is a native Montrealer and recent graduate of McGill University where she did her B.A. in Environment and Political Science. She discovered a passion for urban and transportation planning in her final year, during which time she […]

February 05 2013

From Carpooling to Transit: A Multimodal Carpooling Application in Montréal, Canada

February 5th, 2013Posted by Devon Paige Willis

In low-density environments, carpooling has long been touted as a sustainable transportation alternative. However, in practice it is difficult to realize. Rarely do multiple people have the same origin and destination – and even when they do, this does not hold for every day of the week. This is attributable to our increasingly flexible work […]

January 22 2013

Two Wheels, Four Seasons: Winter Cycling in Montreal, Canada

January 22nd, 2013Posted by Devon Paige Willis

Montreal, Canada is a winter city. From November to March (and sometimes even April) the city grows cold, the days are short and it snows – sometimes a lot. Even so, in recent years cycling in winter months has increased dramatically, according to Vélo Quebec. As I write this post, it is a beautiful 6°C […]

April 09 2012

Bike Path Network Development in Urban and Suburban Areas of Montreal, Canada: North America’s Best City for Biking

April 9th, 2012Posted by Yosef Robinson

Montreal has long been a bike-friendly city, with well over 500 kilometres (or 310 miles) of bike paths on Montreal Island to date.  An interactive map of bike paths in the metropolitan area shows these paths.  In fact, in 2011, Montreal was ranked the best city in North America for bicycling (and eighth worldwide). In […]

March 26 2012

Bypassing Highway Problems in Montreal, Canada: Completion of Autoroute 30

March 26th, 2012Posted by Yosef Robinson

Greater Montreal is one of the few large metropolitan areas in North America that do not have effective beltways (or ring-roads) surrounding the metropolitan region.  This situation prevents passing vehicles from bypassing the inner parts of the city.  There were plans to build two partial beltways north of Montreal (Autoroutes 440 and 640), but certain […]

February 27 2012

Balancing Growth and Conservation: Smart Growth in Greater Montreal, Canada

February 27th, 2012Posted by Yosef Robinson

In the past decade or two, similar to other North American metropolitan areas, Greater Montreal (with a population of 3.7 million and an area of 4360 km² – or 1683 mi²) has grown outward in area, beyond Montreal Island (the core), creating residential and commercial sprawl in the process.  Due to this growth, natural and […]

January 30 2012

Montreal, Canada’s Transportation Plan: Increasing Public Transit Options

January 30th, 2012Posted by Yosef Robinson

Montreal Island (the core of the Montreal region) boasts of a city bus network, a subway system (hereafter, the metro), and a commuter rail system serving the entire metropolitan region.  Eventhough Montreal has one of the highest public transit riderships in North America, some places in the Montreal area are not served by public transit […]

January 02 2012

Preserving Agricultural Land on Montreal Island, Canada

January 2nd, 2012Posted by Yosef Robinson

Montreal Island, the core of Greater Montreal, used to be mostly covered by agricultural areas (including some of Quebec’s best farmland), but as the city expanded and its population grew further, agriculture got ever more marginalized. According to “Metropolitan Natures: Environmental Histories of Montreal,” by Stéphane Castonguay and Michèle Dagenais, agriculture was still present in […]

December 19 2011

City Tree Policy: Planting Indigenous Tree Species in Montreal, Canada

December 19th, 2011Posted by Yosef Robinson

Trees form an essential part of the landscape of any city, and Montreal is no exception. Their functions include the following: ●     Providing shade; ●     Purifying the air; ●     Beautifying neighbourhoods and providing ornamental value; ●     Improving curb appeal and adding to property values; ●     Saving on home heating and air conditioning costs. In fact, […]

December 05 2011

Reconstruction of Montreal’s Turcot Interchange and its Impacts

December 5th, 2011Posted by Yosef Robinson

The Turcot Interchange is a major highway junction in Montreal, connecting the north-south Autoroute 15 and the east-west Autoroute 20/720.  The elevated interchange accommodates about 280,000 vehicles a day.  It is located near several working-class neighbourhoods, and is next to a rail-yard as well as the Saint-Jacques Escarpment.  Hastily constructed in 1966-67 in time for […]


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