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September 19 2014

The Iconic Form of Montreal’s Plexes Wavers with Condominium Construction

September 19th, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

Residents that walk the streets of Montreal, and visitors alike, are often drawn to the city’s architecture, particularly its iconic form of the plexes. These two to three story, flat-roofed residential buildings may take the form of duplexes (two units), triplexes (three units), or multiplexes (four to six units), and are most widely recognized for their outdoor […]

September 16 2014

Reducing Residential Street Speed Limits in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, Montreal

September 16th, 2014Posted by Katelyn Hewett

The speed limit on the residential streets of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie (a borough of Montreal, Canada) is currently 40 km/h, except for in school zones and around parks, where the speed limit drops to 30 km/h. The speed limit on arterial streets is 50 km/h. The Mayor, François Croteau, would like to lower the speed limit […]

September 05 2014

Turning Over a New Leaf at the Queen of Angels Campus in Montreal, Quebec

September 5th, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

As a new school year begins, the girls that once attended Queen of Angels Academy will be starting a new grade at entirely new schools. This semi-private, Catholic, all-girls secondary school in Dorval, a Montreal suburb located on the western part of the island, completed its final school year in June 2014 and officially closed […]

September 04 2014

Teenagers Pedal for a Greener Neighborhood in Montreal, Quebec

September 4th, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

On Monday, around fifity teenagers on bikes invaded the streets of Saint-Laurent in order to sensitize its residents toward the adoption of better environmental habits. The youth of the C-Vert project want to sensitize citizens to using the bicycle as a daily means of transportation. The young people – all of them between fourteen and sixteen years old – […]

September 01 2014

Montreal Initiates Global Movement of Urban Agriculture Summer Schools

September 1st, 2014Posted by Marcus Khoury

A survey conducted last year by the City of Montreal revealed that 42% of citizens practice urban agriculture. More than simply gardening, urban agriculture is a social movement that can service as an educational tool and means of achieving food justice. It was with these ideas in mind that some 200 citizens and researchers  participated […]

August 29 2014

“Pedestrianized” Prince Arthur Street of Montreal Unappealing to Pedestrians

August 29th, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

Located in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, Prince Arthur Street is known to Montrealers for its stretch of road, open year-round to pedestrian-only traffic. This segment is bordered by the two major commercial thoroughfares of Saint Laurent Boulevard and Saint-Denis Street, though the latter is situated beyond Square St-Louis, a small picturesque park. The glory of this […]

August 25 2014

The Future Pie-IX Boulevard Bus Rapid Transit System of Montreal, Canada

August 25th, 2014Posted by Marcus Khoury

Introduction Pie-IX Boulevard is one of the Montreal metro area’s most frequented roadways. It passes by important locations such as the Parc Olympique, the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, and educational institutions. It is on this corridor that the City of Montreal wants to set up a BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) in the coming years in order to […]

August 14 2014

Montreal, Canada Presents Info-Neige Challenge for Smart Snow Removal

August 14th, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

Today, on July 3, 2014, Vice President of the Executive Committee on Information Technologies, the Smart City, Administrative Reform and Youth Harout Chitilian, accompanied by Vice President of the Committee on Public Security and Citizen Services Anie Samson, announced the Info-Neige Challenge, in collaboration with the Notman House and the creativity and collaboration consulting firm […]

August 13 2014

Smart Snow Removal in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

August 13th, 2014Posted by Marcus Khoury

In the future, snow removal in Montreal will be done more efficiently, and it will be accompanied by more information provided to citizens. This will be done with the launch of the Info-Snow Challenge, which is part of the Montreal, Smart and Digital City program. Following a co-creation event held in May dealing with the same […]

August 05 2014

Saint-Catherine, Montreal Struggles with Downtown Transportation Access

August 5th, 2014Posted by Katelyn Hewett

François Cardinal invited Clément Demers, an architect, urban planner, and professor in the University of Montreal’s School of Architecture, to write an article for his blog. The article related to a piece that Cardinal had written about Montréal’s Rue St. Catherine earlier in the week, now published on the same site, La Presse. The development of downtown and the surrounding […]

August 01 2014

The Village Éphémère: The Transformation of a Vacant Public Space in Montreal

August 1st, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

Facing the St. Lawrence River, just steps away from the Jacques Cartier Bridge, exists a vacant concrete lot called Pied-du-Courant. Used as a snow dump during the winter, it remains unused throughout the rest of the year. This summer the Urban Design Association of Quebec (ADUQ), along with other collaborators, worked together to recreate this space […]

July 31 2014

In Montreal, A Different Way of Looking at Historic Preservation

July 31st, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

How far do we have to go in order to protect our urban heritage without turning our cities into soulless museums? In the aftermath of the demolition of the Redpath House, a Montreal architectural gem, the scientific director of the Canadian research chair in urban heritage of UQAM, Lucie K. Morisset, speaks out. And these […]

July 22 2014

Innovative Fire Hydrant-Water Fountains on the Plateau in Montreal

July 22nd, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

Starting Monday, residents and commuters going through the Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood will be able to drink straight out of two reinvented fire hydrant fountains. At first sight, the spatial allure of the metallic structures of the “Borneos” incites curiosity, as if it were necessary to “drink in order to believe it.” Installed Thursday, at the intersections of […]

July 21 2014

Montreal, Quebec, Canada Welcomes Its First Parklet

July 21st, 2014Posted by Marcus Khoury

The borough of Plateau-Mont-Royal in Montreal has launched an unusual public development project; a parklet that is being developed. A concept inspired by cities such as San Francisco and Vancouver, parklets, or placottoirs in French, are sitting and rest areas resembling outdoor terraces that are installed in the parking areas in front of businesses. What makes […]

July 18 2014

How will Montreal, Quebec Repurpose its Aging Urban Hospitals?

July 18th, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

Two super-hospitals (MUHC and CHUM) are under construction in Montreal, Quebec and they are considered to be two of the city’s largest building projects since the 1976 Olympics and will reinforce Montreal’s position as a leader in life sciences research. Their development will combine several major hospitals onto their two sites, rendering many historic buildings vacant and left […]

July 17 2014

Churches Outliving their Use in Montreal, Canada

July 17th, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

Montreal, the city of a thousand church steeples? In order not to lose this identity which is intrinsic to its history, at a time when most churches are emptying out for lack of a secure future, the Quebec Religious Heritage Council (CPRQ) has published six portraits of the sacred sites that have been converted. This […]

July 10 2014

The Ephemeral Village 2014: A Visionary Event in Montreal, Canada

July 10th, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

For the second year in a row, the Quebec Urban Design Association (ADUQ) has initiated a call for proposals in order to build an Ephemeral Village 2014. ADUQ’s goal is to transform underused places and turn them into gathering spots, places for experimenting with Montreal’s best: its creativity. A Very Ephemeral Success Last year, the […]

July 07 2014

Shaping Downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Accessibility for All

July 7th, 2014Posted by Marcus Khoury

The development of the city center and the region are inseparable. Montreal’s downtown is rapidly losing ground to the region’s other job centers, and if this trend persists, it will look more and more like the scarcely visited downtown areas of many American cities. The cause of this phenomenon is simple: for about fifty years, […]

July 04 2014

The Underground City: Beneath the Surface of Montreal, Quebec

July 4th, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

The name “Underground City” draws images of a thriving metropolis lying deep beneath city streets. Instead, these subterranean spaces contain a network of links to transportation, commercial, recreational, and residential uses. Though underground cities exist all around the world, what makes Montreal’s system of corridors and tunnels stand out from the rest? It is officially […]

July 03 2014

Heritage In Danger: The Desrochers House, St-Leonard District, Montreal

July 3rd, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

Thanks to sites being registered on the annual Heritage Montreal list of endangered sites, in 2013, the media brought to light the St-Leonard housing co-op and its sneaky disappearance – which was caused by the lack of a regulatory framework in the St-Leonard district. The largest grouping of bungalows ever built in Quebec, according to […]


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