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March 26 2012

Bypassing Highway Problems in Montreal, Canada: Completion of Autoroute 30

March 26th, 2012Posted by Yosef Robinson

Greater Montreal is one of the few large metropolitan areas in North America that do not have effective beltways (or ring-roads) surrounding the metropolitan region.  This situation prevents passing vehicles from bypassing the inner parts of the city.  There were plans to build two partial beltways north of Montreal (Autoroutes 440 and 640), but certain […]

February 27 2012

Balancing Growth and Conservation: Smart Growth in Greater Montreal, Canada

February 27th, 2012Posted by Yosef Robinson

In the past decade or two, similar to other North American metropolitan areas, Greater Montreal (with a population of 3.7 million and an area of 4360 km² – or 1683 mi²) has grown outward in area, beyond Montreal Island (the core), creating residential and commercial sprawl in the process.  Due to this growth, natural and […]

January 30 2012

Montreal, Canada’s Transportation Plan: Increasing Public Transit Options

January 30th, 2012Posted by Yosef Robinson

Montreal Island (the core of the Montreal region) boasts of a city bus network, a subway system (hereafter, the metro), and a commuter rail system serving the entire metropolitan region.  Eventhough Montreal has one of the highest public transit riderships in North America, some places in the Montreal area are not served by public transit […]

January 02 2012

Preserving Agricultural Land on Montreal Island, Canada

January 2nd, 2012Posted by Yosef Robinson

Montreal Island, the core of Greater Montreal, used to be mostly covered by agricultural areas (including some of Quebec’s best farmland), but as the city expanded and its population grew further, agriculture got ever more marginalized. According to “Metropolitan Natures: Environmental Histories of Montreal,” by Stéphane Castonguay and Michèle Dagenais, agriculture was still present in […]

December 19 2011

City Tree Policy: Planting Indigenous Tree Species in Montreal, Canada

December 19th, 2011Posted by Yosef Robinson

Trees form an essential part of the landscape of any city, and Montreal is no exception. Their functions include the following: ●     Providing shade; ●     Purifying the air; ●     Beautifying neighbourhoods and providing ornamental value; ●     Improving curb appeal and adding to property values; ●     Saving on home heating and air conditioning costs. In fact, […]

December 05 2011

Reconstruction of Montreal’s Turcot Interchange and its Impacts

December 5th, 2011Posted by Yosef Robinson

The Turcot Interchange is a major highway junction in Montreal, connecting the north-south Autoroute 15 and the east-west Autoroute 20/720.  The elevated interchange accommodates about 280,000 vehicles a day.  It is located near several working-class neighbourhoods, and is next to a rail-yard as well as the Saint-Jacques Escarpment.  Hastily constructed in 1966-67 in time for […]

November 21 2011

Linking the Two Segments of Cavendish Boulevard in Montreal

November 21st, 2011Posted by Yosef Robinson

For almost fifty years, there has been a missing link in Montreal’s road network between two segments of Cavendish Boulevard; one ending in Cote Saint-Luc (an independent municipality), the other in an industrial park in Saint-Laurent (a Montreal borough) to the north.  Canadian Pacific and Canadian National railyards separate these areas, and the two sections […]

November 07 2011

Repurposing Meadowbrook Golf Course as a Regional Park: Greenspace in West End Montreal

November 7th, 2011Posted by Yosef Robinson

According to a study, Montreal has one of the lowest percentages of greenspace of any major North American city.  One of the largest pieces of undeveloped greenspace is Montreal’s West End is Meadowbrook Golf Course.  Meadowbrook has been repeatedly threatened with residential development by Groupe Pacific, for over 20 years.  A local environmental non-profit group, […]

October 26 2011

(The GRID Blogger) Yosef Robinson: Montreal, Canada

October 26th, 2011Posted by Renée van Staveren

A big Global Site Plans welcome to our newest blogger, Yosef Robinson in Montreal, Canada. Yosef Robinson, born and raised in Montreal, holds a B.A. in Geography with a Minor in Urban Studies from Rutgers University, as well as a Master’s in City and Regional Planning from the Ohio State University.  At present, he is […]

April 14 2014

How Billboards Fund Public Art in Toronto

April 14th, 2014Posted by Lindsay Vanstone

Artists in Toronto have long been undervalued. “Artists were constantly pitching projects to the city, but there was never enough money [in the city budget],” said Devon Ostrom, co-founder of, an alliance of over sixty organizations supporting the arts in Toronto. worked tirelessly for more than a decade to change the conversation in City […]

March 31 2014

3rd Avenue of Limoilou, Quebec, Canada: The Future of the Mall

March 31st, 2014Posted by Marcus Khoury

The shopping mall is dead, long live the shopping avenue! That is what an article from January 13th, written by Marie-Ève Fournier for the Montreal newspaper La Presse, seemed to declare. We already know that far from being strictly utilitarian spaces, shopping malls are also destinations for enjoying yourself. Young parents can walk around with […]

July 09 2013

A Farewell to The Grid, From Devon Willis

July 9th, 2013Posted by Devon Paige Willis

Much has happened since I began as a blogger for The Grid in January 2013. When I joined the team, I had just graduated from my bachelor’s degree and was in the process of applying to jobs and graduate schools. I have since been working full-time at a Montreal not-for-profit called the Montreal Urban Ecology […]

May 28 2013

Pedestrians, Cyclists and Public Transit Users: Big Spenders

May 28th, 2013Posted by Devon Paige Willis

I often do my shopping by bicycle, but regularly find it difficult to find a safe place to lock my bike on commercial strips in the city. While some businesses have taken it upon themselves to install bicycle racks, others do not yet see the need to offer safe parking to their cycling clients. However, […]

April 16 2013

Cross-border Transportation: Moving between Canada and the United States

April 16th, 2013Posted by Devon Paige Willis

I travel to the United States. Like most Canadian cities, Montreal sits just one hour from the American border, and just six hours (by car) from New York City. However, it is not all that easy a trek to make. One can, of course, drive. However, as I am not a car-owner, my remaining options […]

April 02 2013

Aging Among Friends: The Need To Make Cities Places For The Young– And The Aging

April 2nd, 2013Posted by Devon Paige Willis

As in many cities, Montreal has a need to create neighborhoods in which residents are able to age in place. Many of Montreal’s suburban areas are places where families settle in, children grow up, and parents continue to live their lives until they become elderly. Unfortunately, this environment may become difficult to those entering old […]

March 19 2013

The 10-Minute Neighbourhood: City vs. Suburb

March 19th, 2013Posted by Devon Paige Willis

A year ago, I lived in the Plateau-Mt. Royal neighbourhood of Montreal, Canada. One of the most densely populated parts of the city and a former working class neighbourhood, over the past few decades it has arguably become the hippest part of the city, with countless restaurants, bars and cafés and many beautiful parks. My […]

January 02 2013

Jordan Rockerbie: A Farewell to Global Site Plans and The Grid

January 2nd, 2013Posted by Jordan Rockerbie

June 2012 will forever hold a fond place in my heart, as it signalled the beginning of so many great things. In June I received my degree from the University of British Columbia, embarked on my first full summer in Canada’s Okanagan valley, and started writing my first blogs for The Grid. I have since […]

December 20 2012

A Review: The BLDGBLOG Book Chapter 2: The Underground

December 20th, 2012Posted by Andrew Kinaci

Geoff Manaugh’s BLDGBLOG book attempts to frame the world as consisting of architecture, resultant of design choices, as legible texts similar to a work of literary fiction, and perhaps most importantly, open to the possibility of rebuilding. With his personal interests at the fore (including a penchant for novelistic allegory and acoustic quality of space), […]

June 22 2012

Designing an Energy Efficient House in Istanbul – Part 1: The Current Situation

June 22nd, 2012Posted by Nazlı Ödevci

When need for energy peaked in the recent decades and the world’s energy resources decreased simultaneously, the word sustainability became very popular. From transportation to food; textile to furniture; brands show their compassion for nature by putting a “green” in front of their products’ name. “Green House” is often uttered by urbanists and architects who […]

April 24 2012

Farewell to Global Site Plans and The GRID, from Yosef Robinson

April 24th, 2012Posted by Yosef Robinson

It has been a wonderful experience writing various blogs pertaining to urban planning issues in the Montreal, Canada area, as well as learning the advantages of professional logo design.  After six months, it is with much regret that I am leaving my blog-writing position at Global Site Plans (GSP), but this lets me do more […]


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