November 13 2012

Top 5 Online Education Programs for Architecture: Continuing Education

The explosion of online education in the past decade is rapidly changing the face of education. In 2006, 3.5 million students were listed as enrolled in an “online learning institution of higher education.” In 2009, it was asserted that 44 percent of USA post-secondary students were taking either some or all of their courses online. This figure was proposed to almost double by 2014.

Architectural pedagogy has shared proliferation in this generation’s educational e-boom. About fifty online education programs in architecture may be enrolled in, and are each endorsed by the American Institute of Architects. Forming a Top 5 list proved to be a somewhat delicate task, as the objectivity of each program’s propriety is heavily offset by the subjectivity of architectural ambition. I implore you to peruse each website with an imperative diligence and never praise rank over personal relevance.

Top 5 Online Education Programs for Architecture:

5. AEC Daily: Won 2009 CES Award for Excellence. Highly technical and concentrates on construction materials. Offers certification through many institutions; including LEED, the AIA, and the APA.

4. Hanley Wood University: Offers a myriad of technical courses, with credits available through numerous organizations, such as the AIA and the ASLA.

3. Metropolis Magazine: Offers many courses recognized by the AIA and the IDCEC.  The program frequently hosts in-person presentations across the United States.

2. Boston Architectural College: Offers graduate degrees in architecture, sustainable design, and historic preservation, as well as many online certificates.

1. American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System: Learn from the arbiter themselves, and choose from a comprehensive list of thousands of courses.  Topics range from law to urban design. They also host an annual national convention for participants.

Boston Architectural College's iconic buildings are home to both on and off-campus master's programs.

Boston Architectural College's iconic buildings are home to both on and off-campus master's programs.

Also existing is a plethora of free, non-certifiable, albeit broadly beneficial, massive open online courses (MOOCs). Here are a few notables:

How may the world benefit as access to education provides increasingly feasible routes to become an architect or urban planner?

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Evan Comen

Evan Comen is an undergraduate at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill pursuing a B.S. in both Economics and Environmental Studies and a minor in Urban Studies and Planning. A philosophical outlook towards education led his career aspirations to the realm of urban planning, which he intends to foster through completion of a master’s program in the topic post-graduation. Through growing up in Raleigh, North Carolina, and attending school in Chapel Hill, Evan has had the fortune of experiencing the unparalleled smart growth of the properly dubbed “Research Triangle”; a region in the Piedmont of North Carolina notorious for its numerously expansive high-tech companies. His blogs principally speak for the area’s burgeoning success. He is also a devoted cinephile, reader, and cyclist.

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