December 01 2011

The Importance of Branding Yourself in the Digital Age

As of October 31, 2011, we are living in a world of 7 billion people. The working population is around half of that. So, theoretically there are somewhere around 3.5 billion people looking for employment. These people all must compete with one another. In the wake of the recent economic meltdown, they have to compete for jobs that are no longer there.

One must stand out from the very large crowd. A potential worker must be able to quickly portray what they can offer an employer. What kinds of skills do you have? What do you do well? You must ask yourself, “if I were the employer hiring for the same position, who would I want to hire? In comes the brand.

Branding will always be  important, and the digital age has only made branding easier and more accessible. One’s facebook page or twitter account can act as a form of branding sometimes as well as a LinkedIn account or other “professional online portfolio.” This is because branding is about you. It is who you are. Everything about you is your brand; how you dress, talk, and act is all part of it. If you are applying for a job as an architect or work in internet marketing, you must be able to cast a far net. A business card is part of the brand, as is a professional resume. It is also the way you act in the grocery store or when no one else is looking. It is your way of being, and it carries through in an interview.

An important thing to remember so long as branding is concerned is that people don’t shop at Walmart, Apple, or Barnes & Noble because it is better quality, cheaper, or somehow morally superior. Matter of fact, the opposite is often true with the big name brands. People shop at these stores because they have done an excellent job at marketing themselves. They had the utmost knowledge with branding and they are perhaps unfairly successful because of it.

How do you brand yourself? Do you know how? Do you feel that your personal brand is an overall positive or a negative one?

Jeff P Jilek

Jeff Jilek has earned a B.S. in Architecture with a Minor in City & Regional Planning from the Ohio State University. He has been involved with architecture since his junior year of High School when he attended Eastland Career Center’s Architecture program. Sustainable Design is something that he is most interested in but also has taken many college level courses in psychology, political science, and philosophy. He will be attends Arizona State University for continuing education. He is pursuing both his M.B.A and Master of Architecture degrees. He blogged about pertinent issues in design and how design relates to global dynamics, culture, and economy.

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