July 10 2013

Steven Chang: A Farewell and Thank You to The Grid

Six months ago I started writing for The Grid with the plan to sharpen my research, analysis, and communication of urban issues through regular, journalistic blog posts. That certainly did happen, but there was far more than I anticipated.

I found many opportunities to reference my own articles when speaking with colleagues in my workplace. I found that the topics I wrote about frequently intersected with daily life and a wide variety of people. Through my work on The Grid, I felt as though I had been given access, if you will, to the pulse of my urban community.

Writing for The Grid opened a new window of understanding for me of the world of architects, urban planners, developers, and local politics. That, in turn, shaped the direction of my career and grad school aspirations.

Steven Chang

Starting this summer, I will begin working in affordable housing with Cornerstone Partnership as a Communications Associate, where I will be building and tracking the pulse of a nonprofit peer network.  I know that my experience at Global Site Plans has given me a fresh approach on how to do this – through regular writing, effective marketing, and the different creative ways of building an online community through multiple social media platforms.

I want to thank Renee van Staveren and my editor Elizabeth Bastian for their hard work in creating this opportunity and platform for my writing. Their feedback and clear guidance made it possible for me to produce high-quality journalistic pieces. I wish Global Site Plans the best success in the future.


Steven Chang

Steven Chang

Steven Chang was a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area and held a B.A. in Urban Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. His interest in urban planning began in his hometown of Rowland Heights, California (near Los Angeles), when he noticed that his community, a predominantly ethnic suburb, was very different from other cities he had traveled to. He was very interested in every aspect of urban planning, especially in the way people influence and are influenced by the city fabric. He hoped to one day pursue a Masters of Urban Planning, focusing on economic development and housing. He was also very excited to bring the bustling activity of the San Francisco Bay Area to The Grid!

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