June 08 2012

Social Media Innovations for Planners: Where are We Heading?

Did you ever imagine that, as planners (or architects), we would be able to make revisions on a 10 thousand sqf retail mixed-use project in Revit, on our smart touchpads, while discussing it with a colleague on What’s App, on our way home, in a public train? It’s happening. Today’s social media mobilizes planners’ and architects’ work and enables project communication at any point, anywhere.

Considering the history of mobile device integration into our daily life, social media has peaked over the last few years. We can keep track of urban interventions by The Fun Theory, or upload sustainable ideas on Superuse to share with the world. Anyone’s voice can easily be heard through social platforms; distances narrowed with the “Share” button. People represent their interests as easily as putting a “Like” on it.

What about future innovations in social media? Apparently, there will be no social media in the future because it will melt into our everyday lives. Dennis Crowley, The co-founder and CEO of Foursquare says “the social graph becomes so ubiquitous in everything we do in the future that we stop using the term ‘social media.’” It will be built all around us, so defining it with words will become redundant. Charlene Li, partner & Founder of Altimeter Group stated that people’s daily activities will be connected to social media so smoothly that they will feel it is the air all around them.

So let’s come to the main question, how will planners benefit from future innovations of social media? As experts stated above, social media will be so ubiquitous and transparent in daily life that it will automatically reflect people’s desires and wishes before they even think about it. Such as an automated mobile phone that sends a message to a construction site, in your neighborhood, to lower the noise when you are sleeping. Similarly, future innovations would pick only the needed information among endless data on the Internet. Therefore it will enable planners to interact with other disciplines all around the world through flawless data roaming.

As a dedicated social media user and newbie entrepreneur, I believe social media will transform into a multi-dimensional form, in which the way we approach global environmental design and urbanism will be ubiquitous, smarter, and invisible.

Do you have any ideas of what might future innovations of social media be for urban planners?

Credits: Image and data linked to sources.

Nazlı Ödevci

Nazlı Ödevci is a recent graduate of Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden with an M.Sc. in Design for Sustainable Development in Architecture. She holds a B.S. in Architecture from Istanbul Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey. Currently, Nazlı is working as an environmental specialist and LEED Green Associate in design phase of architectural projects in Turkey. She defines herself as a green design oriented urban & architectural intervention practitioner. She is currently residing in Istanbul but has strong connections to Swedish sustainable design practice.

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