April 08 2014

Online Platform Aims to Fix Their “City of Errors”

A couple of years ago, a group of young people decided to voluntarily set up an interactive platform for their city. A platform that according to their official website is aimed at all people who find, deal with and repair the errors of the city where they live.

City of Errors - Logo

In the beginning, the group created a number of online documentaries, which were named “errors.” Through these videos the group tried to show how easy it is for the citizens of one city to find and repair a problem or a difficult situation in their everyday life. Subsequently, they created a social network in order to motivate citizens to repair the “errors” and help them communicate with each other. Recently, the platform “City of Errors” was included in Guardian’s best city blogs list.

Traffic problems in big cities

Marianna Christofi is the communications director of the project and Zaira Konstantopoulou is the social media manager.

Is there such a platform for the city where you live? 

More information is available in the “City of Errors” official website. Their videos are available on YouTube.

The original article, published in Greek, can be found here.

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