May 22 2014

Chinese Tourism Focuses on Greece’s Aegean Sea as Tourist Season Begins

World Traveler Magazine Cover

Endless Sea, Unfailing Love, Forgetting about Time, Left to Aegean’s Romance,” are phrases and headings of the Chinese monthly travel magazine, World Traveler (Luxing Zhe). This month’s edition is dedicated to the Aegean Sea.

The main and more representative islands of the Aegean Sea of Cyclades, such as Paros, Mykonos, Delos and Santorini, are presented in the magazine and fill more than 100 pages.

Winter in Santorini

Many details are described regarding what a tourist can enjoy in the islands of Cyclades, such as places with cultural and historical importance, markets, leisure facilities, places where one can taste Greek cuisine, residential premises, and places of entertainment. Particular emphasis is placed on the romantic-matrimonial tourism of the island Santorini.

Island Naxos

The thematic issues of the magazine are lengthy with many descriptions of different activities one should do and places one should visit. There is also helpful advice for the tourists accompanied with photographs. For the majority of the islands the magazine provides useful information and contact details. Throughout the magazine, one can also find out more about archaeological sites, monuments, tourist attractions, natural and architectural landscapes, walking routes, restaurants, cafes, hotels, places that offer culinary delights and proposed road trips, et cetera.


This specific edition is the most extended supplement about Greece that the magazine has ever published. It is actually the most extended supplement of what the Chinese mass media, generally, has ever presented.


In case one would like to discover what the magazine has presented, the magazine’s material is also provided in electronic form, through apps for all Apple devices.

The magazine is on the market every month in approximately 750,000 copies. It is available in almost the whole country, in thirty-one provinces, and is being read by economically-emerging social groups that present pronounced interest in tourism-related matters, have high incomes and educational attainment and are young or middle aged people.

In the meantime, thirty-three local channels of China will present the islands of Cyclades through four half-hourly television programs, focusing on the Greek islands.

The whole supplement will also be available on the internet site World Traveller.

Do you think these supplements actually bring tourists to the places they are dedicated to?

The original article, published in Greek, can be found here.

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