November 10 2011

5 Unique Urban Planning Business Card Designs

It never hurts to have a good business card design. While they seem like a basic staple (and often times overlooked) of any firm, a good business card can make a break a sale for a company. Having a flashy business card could be the difference of a potential client picking up the phone and calling back or throwing it aside and waiting for someone else to come along.

In my research of current business card trends, I learned that cards come in a wide array of variety. I’d like to share with you what I found to be the 5 most flashy cards that I’ve found that are tailored for urban planning or design firms:

  • A professional example of how only a couple colors and a card dominated by a logo can be memorable.

  • Here’s a cardthat gets it right: relaxing font coupled with a simple design. It doesn’t get much better!

  • There’s nothing wrong with simplicity, so long as it’s catchy. This card is neat, organized, and clear.

  • I know the image isn’t the greatest- but I think the checkerboard design is really catchy here. It gives off a sleek yet sophisticated feel;

  • This is probably my favorite card of the group- flashy, interesting, and informative: it will catch an employer’s eye.

I judged the cards on the following:

  • Text - How readable is the text? Do font styles and sizes work well together?;
  • Visual Attractiveness - Does it catch the eye? Do the colors go well together?;
  • Purpose - Does it accomplish its purpose of conveying contact information?;
  • Print Quality - While this is hard to judge by simply looking at e-marketing internet pictures, a card with high print quality is much more meaningful than a blotchy, uneven print quality.

What do you feel are some of the more important characteristics of business card design?

Daniel Sheehan

Dan Sheehan studied City and Regional Planning with a concentration in Urban Design at the Ohio State University. Dan has lived in several cities throughout the Midwest and is dedicated to exploring urban and environmental design issues as they relate to Midwestern cities of the United States. His passion for urban design and urban planning began during his studies in Columbus at the Ohio State University, and continues to pursue those passions in the realm of urban planning. Dan blogged for The Grid until October 2011.

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