May 09 2013

The Cleaner, Greener Lincoln, Nebraska Initiative

The city of Lincoln, Nebraska has strived to become a top green community within the Midwest region. One way that Lincoln has successfully shifted toward sustainable thinking is through its implementation of the Cleaner, Greener Lincoln Initiative.

The Cleaner, Greener Lincoln Initiative has encouraged “green” living within the city of Lincoln and has been implemented throughout the city from city department buildings, public schools, and even much of the community in general. The city has implemented several focus areas including:

The list simply names a few of many acts initiated to guide the city towards sustainability. This truly showcases how the city of Lincoln is initiating change within the sustainability realm and encourages the citizens of Lincoln to adopt this same ideology and mindset.

Green Lincoln, Nebraska

Since the creation of this initiative, the program has expanded and far surpassed its original goals. A new chapter in the development of Lincoln’s standards of environmental stewardships has been created called the Sustainable Lincoln Blue Ribbon Leadership Team. This team has been created in order to review the recommendations made to create an ever-growing sustainable city. The city and county have also adopted a new comprehensive plan in conjuncture to the Cleaner, Greener Lincoln Initiative called the LPlan2040. This comprehensive plan outlines how the Lincoln and surrounding areas plan to embody sustainable growth and preservation. The implementation of both these new programs truly show how the Cleaner, Greener Lincoln Initiative has spearheaded a new ideology towards forward thinking in the realm of sustainable design, innovation, and community development as a whole.

As Lincoln has shifted towards a sustainable mindset, how has your city implemented new ideologies within the realm of environment design to engage the community and create sustainable thinking?

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Lisa Gran

Lisa Gran is an undergraduate student studying Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. As an aspiring engineer, Lisa is especially interested in the utilization and development of environmentally sound materials in sustainable planning and design. As she progresses in her studies, she is finding more and more that her passion lies in sustainable urban design and engineering principles, drawing inspiration from cities around the globe. Although reporting from the mid-western city of Lincoln, Lisa is setting out to explore how Lincoln is becoming a place of innovation for sustainability.

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