April 24 2012

Yesilist: The Greenopia of Turkey

An internet search for “green living” in Turkey does not yield very many results. While environmental problems have been developing throughout history, the emergence of an environmental consciousness doesn’t happen overnight. In Turkey, the concept is still young, boasting both a developing field in environmentalism and a growing green industry. The National Environmental Action Plan of Turkey categorizes the country’s current major environmental problems as follows:

• The urban environment (air quality, water supply and wastewater, and solid waste management);

• Natural resource management (water resources, soils and land, forests, biodiversity);

• Cultural and natural heritage;• Marine and coastal resources;

• Natural and man-made environmental hazards.

Yesilist Logo

The concept of green living is growing in Turkey with the help of an innovative directory of sustainable products and services provided by Yesilist. Much like it’s US-based counterpart Greenopia, the green living directory, Yesilist, provides a new marketing opportunity to companies that provide sustainable products and services. The name of the directory derives from the Turkish work Yeşil for green and the abbreviation for Istanbul, IST. Founded by climate change activists, Ergem Şenyuva Tohumcu and Georgie Bernadete, Yesilist strives to provide a directory that is accessible to both new and old global citizens living in Istanbul, Turkey and throughout the country.

As the leading internet marketing tool of green living in Turkey, the Yesilist website is easy to navigate. The complete website is provided in both Turkish and English. The main navigational tool is located on the left hand side of the webpage where products and services are listed in relevant categories such as architecture, household, recycling, and restaurants. You can further limit your selection by using the alphabetical tool or you can narrow your results by city and county. There is also a search tool with an advanced search option. Once you’ve entered a specific category, companies are listed with clear photographs depicting their products or services.

Each business listed in Yesilist must have “up-to-date certification from an accredited independent certification institution or be considered sustainable according to internationally acknowledged standards for environmentally and socially responsible companies.” Social network options are available, which include Facebook and Twitter. This is an essential tool to help an environmental consciousness expand in Turkey.

As green living becomes more popular in Turkey, the Yesilist directory will grow and change. In the future it will be nice to see articles relevant to green living issues in Turkey published on the website. Readers from all over the world will be able to watch, from the Yesilist homepage, as Turkey becomes a leader in sustainable living.

Credits: Images and data linked to sources.

Patricia Kent

Patricia Kent wrote for The GRID between October 2011 and October 2012. During this time she was a graduate student in Community & Regional Planning with a concentration in Latin American Studies at the University of New Mexico. She was also a recent transplant to Mammoth Lakes, CA. Her interests ranged from political theory and public policy to sustainable tourism. A strong advocate for participatory planning practices, her studies focused on community capacity building and economic development. She believed in fostering entrepreneurship in communities. Currently, Patricia is working on economic sustainability policies that benefit both the preservation of the Eastern Sierras as well as the ever-increasing tourist population.

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