April 18 2013

Unlocking Value in Miami, Florida

Miami 21, meant to encourage walkable development and non car-dependent lifestyles, brings new idea testing to places like Midtown Miami. As the economy recovers, this form-based zoning code creates redevelopment opportunities that previously have been unimaginable. Now is the perfect time to assess these principles and redevelop properties in forgotten high-value locations.

Below is a property, now zoned T6-8, and across the street from Coral Gables‘ historic Granada entrance. Currently an auto-oriented strip shopping center, anchored by a Sedano’s and a CVS, these sites have the potential to grow into pedestrian-friendly neighborhood centers. The illustrations below show one way this property could be redeveloped. Though not a real proposal, it illustrates the sustainable opportunities form-based codes can create.

Existing Site at SW 8th Street and SW 49 Ave

Garage & Townhouses: The first step to transforming this site would be to use its surface parking lot to build a lined parking garage to support the rest of the property redevelopment, while providing ground floor space for the grocery store to move and expand. The top floors could be condos over-looking an amenity deck in the rear, while the in-line stores could move to the garage-liners, making room for rowhouses behind, offering the often forgotten middle units, while respecting the neighborhood scale.

Garage and Townhouses on existing surface parking lot

Corner Mixed-Use: A redesign of SW 49th Avenue would create an opportunity to redevelop and reorient the western out-parcels with ground-floor retail and residences above. These mixed-use buildings can provide both affordable housing and neighborhood convenience.

Corner Mixed-Use on SW 49th Ave

Public Space: Moving the grocery store and pharmacy to the garage allows the buildings to be redeveloped as mixed-use buildings, fronting a new public green, accessible from both the main thoroughfare and surrounding neighborhoods.

Public Space as an amenity to new development and existing neighborhood

Thoroughfare Redesign: As the rest of the city becomes more walkable, major thoroughfares such as SW 8th Street can be rethought, putting more of a priority on pedestrians, transit and cyclists. This can be done by adding shade trees, on-street parking, and narrowing travel lanes. These sites are perfectly positioned to take advantage of such a multi-modal future.

Redesigning SW 8th Street

What lost redevelopment opportunities can be found in your neighborhood?

Credits: Design and illustrations by Jennifer Garcia. Data linked to sources.

Jennifer Garcia

Born and raised in the Midwest, Jennifer García now enjoys the energy and quality of life that Miami has to offer. Professionally, she uses traditional architecture and principles of the New Urbanism as a Town Planner at Dover, Kohl & Partners. Based on careful research, she designs each project within the context of the local architectural language, distinct culture, and regional settlement patterns. She proudly holds a Master of Architecture from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Traveling has taught her to immerse herself into each place’s history, culture, traditions, and how they contribute to the range of urbanism and local vernacular. She also enjoys blogging as a local transit advocate for Transit Miami. Her daily bicycle commutes reinforce her belief in nurturing a living urbanism with livable streets.

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