October 26 2011

(The GRID Blogger) Yosef Robinson: Montreal, Canada

Yosef RobinsonA big Global Site Plans welcome to our newest blogger, Yosef Robinson in Montreal, Canada.

Yosef Robinson, born and raised in Montreal, holds a B.A. in Geography with a Minor in Urban Studies from Rutgers University, as well as a Master’s in City and Regional Planning from the Ohio State University.  At present, he is studying for a Master’s in Environment at Concordia University in Montreal. In that program, he has specialized in Environmental Impact Assessments.  He is very interested in urban planning and environmental issues, such as transportation, greenspaces, and urban sprawl.  As well, he is the co-author of a published article on the growth of Jewish environmental activism in Canada.  He is interested in alternate history as an avocation.

Yosef joins the October 2011 Environmental Design Internship program and will be blogging with The GRID until May 2012.

Renée van Staveren

Renée van Staveren is the Founder of Global Site Plans. She holds a M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She also holds a B.S. in Sustainable Community Development from Prescott College. Prior to establishing Global Site Plans and The Grid, Renée van Staveren was an Assistant Planner for A-M-M-A Transit Planning and the Program Director for Planet Green. In June 2014 Renée moved from Istanbul, Turkey, where she'd lived for four years, to return to the beautiful city of San Francisco. She is now a Manager at the Urban Land Institute's San Francisco District Council. You can find her at one of their many events, so pop in and say hello.

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