August 13 2014

Smart Snow Removal in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

A snow removal in the streets of Montreal, CanadaIn the future, snow removal in Montreal will be done more efficiently, and it will be accompanied by more information provided to citizens. This will be done with the launch of the Info-Snow Challenge, which is part of the Montreal, Smart and Digital City program. Following a co-creation event held in May dealing with the same topic, this contest is receiving propositions from creative individuals whose proposals stem from new technologies in order to facilitate snow removal operations. Grants of $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 will be awarded.

The Info-Snow Challenge is calling on participants to present a web solution as well as an application for smart devices that will allow Montreal’s citizens to be informed about parking restrictions and all other relevant information relating to snow removal. Participating businesses must also present a business model that will ensure the longevity of the proposed solution.

The City of Montreal has invested 6.6 million dollars for the deployment of such a system, including the installation of GPS units on vehicles and snow deposit sites in order to be able to follow the snow plowing and loading process in real-time, and to strengthen their management. Moreover, the city is announcing that it will make management data relating to snow removal open to public beginning in November. While waiting, participants in the challenge will be able to test their application by accessing a “snow storm simulator,” which will reproduce the data in real-time. This application will be available from this winter onward.
Cars parked on a snowy street in Montreal, Canada

An Evaluation in Front of a Jury on August 16

The proposals will be evaluated by a jury over the course of a public meeting at Montreal’s historic Notman House on August 16. On this occasion, each one of the selected teams will have to give a presentation about their project, lasting no more than twenty minutes. Each presentation will be followed by a ten minute period of questions from members of the jury. During the meeting, three grants of $5,000, $3,000, and $1,000 will be given to those judged to have developed the most interesting solution that responds to the needs of Montreal’s residents.

After this step, the city will approve the different projects presented and negotiate a contract with one of the participants in order to ensure that the solution is in working order for the period of November 2014 to April, 2015. This technological solution will be complementary to the current system of orange signs used during snow clearing.

What creative technological solutions could be implemented to address matters unique to your own city?

Original article, originally published in French, here.

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