August 29 2013

Sasaki Associates Planning the Future of the University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Colleges around the United States are often known to be hubs for innovation, research, intellect, and above all, change. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is starting to embrace this idea of change and growth through a new fifteen-year plan that is devised to elevate the campus’ building designs and green spaces.

Sasaki Associates of Watertown, Massachusetts, an architectural firm hired by the university, is working towards this master plan. In devising this plan the university is looking to improve building interiors, exteriors, and green space areas. The idea is to think big and the plan does just that, including such things as:

  • Turning a parking lot into a green space where students can gather on game days or between classes;
  • Improving the transit system with designated lanes for pedestrians, bicyclists and shuttles on City Campus;
  • Redesigning the traffic loop on East Campus, moving traffic east and west instead of in a circle around campus;
  • Building transit hubs that include sheltered areas for students to wait for shuttles; and
  • Making improvements within the library so study rooms are brighter.

Campus master plan rendering

Union renovation rendering

These ideas show how urban planning can take place on any scale, whether it be a large urban city or college campus. Innovative ideas and design can be widespread and the University’s master plan emphasizes how important redevelopment is in order to improve upon outdated urban design concepts. The University is taking a step in the right direction towards growth as these changes and smart urban planning developments will enhance and improve upon the current campus design.

As the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is developing a new campus environment, what new urban planning designs have you seen implemented on your own college or university campus?

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Lisa Gran

Lisa Gran is an undergraduate student in her final semester of studying Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. As an aspiring engineer, Lisa is especially interested in the utilization and development of environmentally sound materials in sustainable planning and design. As she nears the end of her undergraduate studies, she plans on gearing a career in sustainable urban design and engineering principles, drawing inspiration from cities around the globe.

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