April 29 2014

Farewell to The Grid, from Lynn Coppedge in Phoenix, Arizona

From libraries to light rail, my experience writing for The Grid has allowed me to explore and share exciting urban initiatives in Phoenix, Arizona. The desert city faces a number of sustainability challenges and it has been inspiring to see community leaders from all walks of life come together to develop solutions. During my six-month internship at The Grid, I have seen an artist community join hands with the EPA, utility companies partner with tree advocacy groups, and libraries collaborate with local entrepreneurs.

Lynn Coppedge, Phoenix, Arizona

As an aspiring community planner, I understand the significance of excellent communication skills. I approached this internship as a way to develop my writing in a way that is informative, interesting, and accessible to a diverse audience. The Grid did not disappoint and equipped me with the structure and guidance I needed to share my discoveries and my perspectives with other urban enthusiasts.

While I was looking for local green infrastructure projects, I came across an innovative green street upgrade that came alive because of a unique community’s vision and energy. I also discovered new ways to observe city life, and a high-tech people mover that is sure to put Phoenix on the global aviation map.  I leave The Grid with a broadened urban planning network, a better understanding of effective writing, and a deeper love for cities. Through book reviews, social media, and The Grid blogging community, I was exposed to innovative organizations and efforts that make city living better for Phoenix and cities around the world.

Mill Avenue, Tempe, Arizona

I am so thankful for my editor, Erica Besler, who supported me with encouraging and constructive feedback. I am also indebted to owner/founder Renée van Staveren and The Grid staff for a creating such a dynamic site that is able to give us a glimpse into cities across the globe.

Thank you for reading and sharing my love for cities.

“…Please look closely at real cities. While you are looking, you might as well also listen, linger and think about what you see.”

- Jane Jacobs

Credits: Images by Lynn Coppedge.

Lynn Coppedge

Lynn Coppedge graduated from Arizona State University's Master of Urban and Environmental Planning program Currently working as a Sustainability Planner for the City of Lakewood in Colorado, Lynn aspires to advance sustainability in the community of Lakewood through creative planning, programs, outreach, and events.

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