September 26 2013

Farewell From Chicago: Andrew Kinaci Signing Off

It’s incredible to be writing my last post for The Grid, as it seems like my internship has just begun.

skydeck view Andrew Kinaci

The author from the Willis Tower Skydeck

In my day job, I work for an energy affiliate of the Center for Neighborhood Technology, an urban sustainability think-and-do tank. I applied for this blogging position as a means of keeping my mind engaged with local urban planning issues, and to broaden my focus from the issues I encounter at work. I looked forward to having a platform to express my views, but I did not anticipate it would be such an eye-opening and educational experience, truly expanding my connection to the community around me.

My time writing for The Grid not only honed my ability to translate urban planning and urban design issues into engaging, jargon-free language, but also deepened my passion for the various topics my posts covered. After writing a post in August about Chicago’s proposed Bus Rapid Transit line, I became involved at my neighborhood association meetings, and hope to join the 1st ward Transportation Advisory Committee in the coming weeks. Back in January, I wrote a post on the bike accident rate in the city, and since then, I joined the Active Transportation Alliance, and led my colleagues to victory in their annual Bike Commuter Challenge.

Mayor Daley Andrew Kinaci

The author with former Mayor of Chicago Richard M. Daley

While I don’t know what the future holds for me beyond my time writing for The Grid, I know the experience will serve me well. With such a broad range of blogger experiences and viewpoints to draw upon, readers and bloggers of The Grid gain valuable exposure to the prevailing trends in urbanism. I hope to get my Master’s in Urban Planning in the near future, and will be following The Grid’s progress.

Thanks again to Renee for the opportunity, and to my editors Debra and Elizabeth for their patience and guidance. Best of luck to future bloggers, and keep reading The Grid!

Credits: Images by Andrew Kinaci. Data linked to sources.

Andrew Kinaci

After graduating from Princeton University with an A.B. in Architecture and a Certificate in Urban Studies, Andrew Kinaci set out to the Midwest to break out of the insular world of academia, and into the direct service of non-profit work. After a year working on Chicago’s West Side with a social enterprise specializing in re-entry employment training for ex-felons, Andrew now works for an organization conducting energy audits of multi-family affordable housing buildings. He will be blogging about the many ways Chicago is seeking a more sustainable and equitable urban future.

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