April 15 2013

Farewell From Athina Kyrgeorgiou

I started writing for Global Site Plans and The Grid in October 2012 and I can’t believe how fast time has passed by.

I was reading The Grid posts on social media and I always thought that it was a very well organised initiative from people interested in environmental and urban design – for anyone who wanted to be informed in these issues. Consequently, when I found out about the opportunity to participate in this team, I was very happy and eager to try for it.

Since joining the team I have had the opportunity to write about urban issues of my country, Greece, and also explore examples on urban planning from cities all over the world. This has been interesting and also challenging, because I wanted to show that Greece may be under a lot of pressure and negative criticism at the time, but there are still people who care about the progress of their country. Even without the economic support they try to think of ways to make their cities more beautiful and sustainable.

First of all, I want to thank Renee van Staveren for the opportunity she gave me to participate in the team she created, The Grid. I would also like to thank Debra Hawryzki as she has been providing me with useful corrections about my posts each week. I became keen with WordPress blogging software, I improved my writing skills in English, and of course, I was able learn how a website focused on environmental design operates.

Monastiraki Square, Athens

Greetings from Athens!

In addition to this, when I had to write about a specific issue at The Grid, I had to explore it thoroughly and so, I learned about new things and communicated them to people all over the world.

I am sure that this internship provided me with tools for the future, as it was my first professional involvement with urban planning, environmental issues, and transportation. I hope that I will be able to pursue a career in this scientific field in the future.

Best wishes to everyone!
Athina Kyrgeorgiou

Athina Kyrgeorgiou

Athina Kyrgeorgiou graduated from National Technical University of Athens, Greece as a Civil Engineer with a specialization in Transportation Planning and Engineering. She currently lives in Athens, Greece and is always eager to learn about sustainable ideas and solutions for a better life in her city. A part of her research has been the impact of day-lighting patients’ rooms, which provided her the possibility to research further into bio-climatic design of buildings. She aims to continue her studies with a Master’s degree in transportation and sustainable development. Her blogs covered environmental issues and urban planning occurring in Athens, but also generally in Greece, trying to analyse them from an engineering point-of-view.

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