May 07 2012

Considering Door-To-Door Waste Collection in Zarautz, Spain

Waste collectionIn the last few years there has been a clear tendency in the towns close to Zarautz, Spain to install the “door-to-door waste collection system.” The aim is to reuse, recycle and reduce waste so that minimal amount goes to landfills. It seeks to ensure the correct segregation of waste, and creates a low-cost waste collection method by working together with the City Hall, communities, waste collectors, and other interested groups.

This system consists of installing posts near entrance doors, where the neighbours hang the waste depending on the day of the week, instead of in shared containers, which disappear.


Correct differentiation of waste from the beginning.

Thus, increases recycling of:

  • Kitchen waste;
  • Paper;
  • Plastic;
  • Glass;
  • Refuse.

Helps to reduce waste;

Employment opportunities as more people are needed to carry the individual containers.


  • Residents must dump their waste at an individual, specified place, at certain time, on a specific day;
  • Loading the waste from individual bags to trucks is a slow process;
  • Smell and unaesthetic appearance.

Waste collection

At present, there are also shared containers in the streets, as shown in the photos to the right. They are part of the urban design.

Some of the residents from towns close to Zarautz seem to be happy with the new system. They confess it was harsh to get used to the new system, but they can now feel the benefits. Others, on the contrary, prefer to deposit the waste in a surrounding town with shared containers as the ones showed in the above photo, and thus, avoid the door-to-door system.

In Zarautz, there has recently been a signature collection against installing this system. There was even a campaign to express opposition to this new initiative on facebook! It has not been decided whether it shall be installed or not.

Do you know somebody living in a city with door-to-door system? Would you be happy to change your waste dumping habits?

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Miriam Ansorena

Miriam Ansorena holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Navarre, in Spain. Strongly concerned about the environment, in the past, she worked full-time as a Design Engineer of Wind Turbines. Her blogs will concentrate primarily on the affects of wind turbines and their prevelance, however, she will also cover issues occurring around Zarautz, Spain and Berlin, Germany. Although she currently resides in Berlin, she is from Zarautz, Spain and has lived in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Glasgow, United Kingdom.

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  1. Jason Says:

    How does door-to-door collection work in large apartment complexes? Are there any problems with management about collectors walking through the apartment building, or people leaving their waste outside their door in the hallways?

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