July 09 2013

A Farewell to The Grid, From Devon Willis

Much has happened since I began as a blogger for The Grid in January 2013. When I joined the team, I had just graduated from my bachelor’s degree and was in the process of applying to jobs and graduate schools. I have since been working full-time at a Montreal not-for-profit called the Montreal Urban Ecology CenterI helped bring two architects from Copenhagen’s Gehl Architects to Quebec City and Montreal to give two Master classes to urban planning, health, and transportation professionals, and two public lectures. I have also been researching best practices in urban planning and design for active transportation, working on public consultations, and tooling a small community on the border of Quebec and the United States with methods of public consultation and quantifying walking and cycling in their town.

Devon Willis farewell

In addition, I have decided on my next step: a Masters of Urban Studies called 4Cities, which takes place in four European cities (Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, and Madrid) over 2 years. I leave Montreal for Brussels early September.

My internship at the Grid has helped me refine my blogging skills and especially keep my posts concise. I intend to continue blogging on my personal blogs as my internship at The Grid ends.

It was interesting to be able to cover topics in my city such as winter cycling, bicycle theft, public space in winter cities (in the winter and the summer), and many more topics. I was able to meet with and discuss with leaders of numerous projects to promote active transportation in Montreal. It has also been delightful to read the posts of my blogging colleagues and learn about the experiences of cities all over the world in sustainable urban planning and urban design.

I really appreciated the constructive feedback from my assistant editor Elizabeth throughout the internship. Thank you to The Grid for this opportunity.

Devon Paige Willis

Devon Paige Willis is a native Montrealer and recent graduate of McGill University where she did her B.A. in Environment and Political Science. She discovered a passion for urban and transportation planning in her final year, during which time she attended UC Berkeley’s [IN]City introductory urban planning program and completed her honours thesis about cycling in Montreal, specifically measuring bikeability and understanding what affects cyclist satisfaction. She will pursue a Master of Urban Studies called 4Cities starting in September 2013. The Masters takes place in Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen and Madrid and focus on European Urban Planning. She will be focusing on sustainable transportation and is especially interested in urban planning and transportation in suburban environments. She has her own urban planning blog at iliveinthesuburbs.wordpress.com.

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