February 13 2012

The Value of Professional Logo Design

sustainable energy logoIt is important for every business to have a logo that distinguishes it from its competitors and attracts clients; proper logo design is crucial to maintaining a business.  Indeed, investing in good logo design is just as important as investing in property and equipment. A logo should be immediately recognizable and be able to communicate without the need for explanation, analysis, or excuses.  Creating a well-designed logo is the quickest path to a company’s success, as it enhances its visibility and credibility.

As I wrote in a previous blog, it is worth the expense of using a professional and experienced logo designer to produce a logo that will succeed, especially in fields such as urban design, where design counts. These specialists have the proper equipment, training, and knowledge, and generate potent and unique logos (whereas low-cost companies may make cheaper logos out of templates or clipart).

sustainable design symbolBefore one starts the logo design process, one must consider two questions:

  • What does the company represent? In other words, what are its current and long-term goals and objectives?  How is it different from its competitors, and what is its business culture like?
  • Who is its audience? That is, is the audience public or private sector, sustainability-focused or industrially-focused, etc.?  How would the audience perceive the new logo design?

The answers to these questions determine how a company should best approach its logo design.  There are a few tips that go a long way in ensuring a good logo design:

  • Keep the logo designs as simple yet effective as possible, in a way that would convey the product and the brand name;
  • Use colours that are appropriate to the design and do not use too many colours;
  • If you want to have a caption, make it short and suitable for the brand – otherwise, just avoid captions;
  • Balance the design elements properly;
  • Have the logo look equally good in a variety of media;
  • Make the logo design timeless.

What is your most important consideration in designing a logo?

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Yosef Robinson

Yosef Robinson, born and raised in Montreal, holds a B.A. in Geography with a Minor in Urban Studies from Rutgers University, as well as a Master’s in City and Regional Planning from the Ohio State University. At present, he has finished studying for a Master’s in Environment at Concordia University in Montreal, graduating in June 2012. In that program, he specialized in Environmental Impact Assessments. He is very interested in urban planning and environmental issues, such as transportation, greenspaces, and urban sprawl. As well, he is the co-author of a published article on the growth of Jewish environmental activism in Canada. He is interested in alternate history as an avocation. Yosef Robinson blogged for the GRID until April 2012.

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