March 22 2012

The Importance of Quality and Updated Content for your Urban Planning Website

Quality and Updated Web Content A “build it and forget it” method may not be the wisest of decisions for an urban planner when creating a website. It is a myth that a website can sustain itself after it’s developed. In fact, similar to your business, a website must be constantly maintained if you want it to continue to thrive.

Especially living in today’s technological era and the terabyte world, simply designing a website and “copying and pasting” a company’s brochure to the website is no longer enough. Now graphic design, logo design, and branding a website are essential.

Here are some reasons why quality and updated content for your urban planning website is important:

  • To provide new and current viewers a motive to consistently return to your website: The web is all about new and fresh content. Websites that receive the most traffic are ones where the content is always changing, being added to and growing. If you want to gain new clientele, while keeping your current ones, then provide new information for viewers to learn every time they visit your website;
  • To demonstrate what your business is like: Realistically, search engines are incapable of judging a site by its website design; however, designing a particularly appealing page layout and logo should exude the mission or services your company offers;
  • Search engines reward websites that update often by moving them up the rankings: According to MPower, search engines will consider a website that is frequently updated as a consistent source of new information, and thus, will award points to help move its listing up in the search results. Essentially, this brings more traffic to your website.

    Note: When creating new content, don’t forget to manage your website’s
    search engine optimization (SEO). Specific keywords and phrases can be chosen to make your website appear more often when it’s searched; however, keyword overuse can result in penalization.

These are only a few reasons to manage website maintenance and content so read my past articles about website maintenance and SEO to learn more.

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Benjamin Ha

Benjamin Ha recently graduated as an Honors Scholar from New York University with a Bachelor’s in English and American Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing. Prior to Global Site Plans, Ben’s experiences revolved primarily around issues of public health. After realizing that the environment plays a critical role in the effects of public health, his interests gravitated toward understanding the interaction between the social and natural environment. In the near future, he hopes to pursue a Master’s in Environmental Science after obtaining a Global Sustainability Certification at UCLA. Ben is originally from the Bay Area in California, and now resides in Los Angeles.

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