December 04 2013

“Recent Waterscapes: Planning, Building, and Designing with Water” Book Review

Recent Waterscapes: Planning, Building, and Designing with Water edited by Herbert Dreiseitl and Dieter Grau provides a comprehensive overview of innovative water-related projects throughout the world. The editors argue:

“Coping with ever greater amounts of stormwater run-off from increased urbanization and fierce heavy downpours does not mean endlessly multiplying the number and capacity of technical facilities such as water treatment plants and stormwater overflow basins. Rather, the networking of the city structure as an interactive infrastructure, publicly visible and also aesthetically attractive, is needed.”

If you are interested in sustainable, connected, mid-to-large scale, and attractive water management systems, this book will inspire and educate you.

The editors divided the projects into categories that range from urban parks to river restoration to interior design. If you are a landscape architect, urban designer, or planner in search of inspiration, you will be able to quickly find those projects most similar to your own. My favorite projects from Recent Waterscapes were Tanner Springs Park in Portland and the Three Rivers Master Plan for Pittsburgh. Recent Waterscapes is enjoyable to page through because large, color photographs accompany the projects’ descriptions.

Tanner Springs Park, Portland

Tanner Springs Park, Portland

Tanner Springs Park, Portland

Do you know how stormwater catchment systems, fountains, or splash pads work? The editors have included diagrams, schematics, and plans to explain the systems that underlay the designs. Recent Waterscapes is, therefore, an excellent reference for professionals and students alike. You may read Recent Waterscapes from cover to cover, but Recent Waterscapes is a valuable reference book that you will return to time and again.

Cross Section for Heiner-Metzger Plaza, Neu-Ulm

Cross Section, Heiner-Metzger Plaza, Neu-Ulm

Heiner-Metzger Plaza, Neu-Ulm

Heiner-Metzger Plaza, Neu-Ulm

Recent Waterscapes is available through Birkhäuser Verlag AG. The Grid is giving away 1 FREE copy of the book. Go to Rafflecopter Giveaway to enter for a chance to win and become inspired!

Have you read Recent Waterscapes or Waterscapes, an earlier book edited by Herbert Dreiseitl, Dieter Grau, Karl H.C. Ludwig? What was your favorite project?

Credits: Photographs from Recent Waterscapes. Data linked to sources.

Sunny Menozzi

Sunny Menozzi's military duties have taken her to diverse and exciting places, from Singapore to Arizona, South Korea to Afghanistan, and North Carolina to Hawaii. Sunny's travels inspired her interest in cities, especially how they function, the impact of the built environment on the residents, the methods planners employ to shape natural features, and the vibrancy that can be cultivated by good planning and design. She will begin her pursuit of a master's degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fall of 2013. Sunny plans to focus on reuse and historic preservation, community-building, and economic and environmental sustainability. She hopes to contribute to projects that repurpose military bases. An avid runner, Sunny is interested in the design of recreational trails and policies that encourage the development of walkable communities. She holds a B.S. in International Relations and Russian from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

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