June 26 2014

President Dilma Rousseff Visits the BRT System in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

On a visit to the state capital on Sunday June 8th, President Dilma Rousseff traveled to Belo Horizonte to see the BRT MOVE system that is transforming the concept of quality public transport in the city. The mayor, Marcio Lacerda, showed Dilma down the Antônio Carlos corridor to visit the Mineirão station and hosted the official opening of the Operations Center for the city.

Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil.

The state capital’s bus rapid transit system received U.S. $730 million in investments, of which R $382 million were federally funded. For Dilma, the priority should be the people and not cars. As the president said during her visit  “[The federal government] shows clear preference and assumes responsibility for public transport. Not that we are not in favor of people owning cars – everyone wants to have their car - but we want to ensure that people, on a daily basis, have an option for a fast, safe and efficient way to work, school, and leisure. To me, that’s the importance of this system in Belo Horizonte.”

In operation since May 2014, MOVE has reduced travel time along the Cristiano Machado and Antonio Carlos corridors. When the 23km corridor is completed the system will meet the demands of 700,000 people, daily.

Construction of the Bus Rapid Transit in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

During her visit, President Dilma Rousseff also inaugurated the (COP-BH) Operations Centre Hall. The site aims to enhance the administration and security of transit through an integrated video surveillance control. Local authorities – such as BHTrans, the Municipal Coordination of Civil Defense and Home Guard – will work to integrate with state and federal agencies for mobility and safety.

Traffic will be monitored by TV cameras, speed cameras, messaging systems and centralized traffic light panels. The COP-BH is located on the Avenue Carlos Goulart, in the Buritis neighborhood (next to the headquarters of the BHTrans).

Do you think Bus Rapid Transit is a good form of public transportation? Is there a BRT system in your city?

Original article, originally published in Portuguese, can be found here.

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