September 04 2013

Pittsburgh Park Conservancy Preserving 1,700+ Acres of Pittsburgh’s Green Spaces

Schenley Park, Pittsburgh PA

Although heralded as a major urban city, Pittsburgh is also known for its large urban parks and green spaces. These spaces have helped brighten the steel city into a scenic and beautiful metropolis which is begging to be explored by tourists and residents alike. The city itself has five large urban parks, as well as countless other green spaces, parks, and plazas which bring the city to life.

One of the most iconic parks in the city is Point State Park. Placed on the former site of Fort Pitt, the park was almost turned into a large observation monument by world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. After rejecting Wright, the city bought the land and turned it into the landmark it is today. With its notable fountain and placement at the joining of the city’s three rivers, it has become a notable tourist destination.

Frick Park, Pittsburgh, PA

The largest of Pittsburgh’s park land lies at Frick Park. The 561 acre land lies just outside of the city, and is known for its extensive trail system and large environmental center. Just north of the city lies Highland Park, which is notable for its use as a reservoir, where most of the city’s water supply comes from. Highland Park is also used as the site of the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, which is another of the city’s most visited attractions.

Close to downtown lies Schenley Park, known to be a favorite local hangout for students at the University of Pittsburgh, which lies just to the west of the park. Finally, on the North Shore of Pittsburgh lies Riverview Park. Although relatively unknown to the general populous, this park is a hidden treasure with its scenic walkways and views of the city.

Pittsburgh is a city which is begging to be explored, and these parks and green spaces are full of interesting things to see and do. For more information about these parks, visit the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy website.

Which parks do you think are the best in Pittsburgh?

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Greg Shermeto

Greg Shermeto is a recent graduate at the State University of New York at Buffalo with a B.A. in Environmental Design. While studying, Greg worked on projects including the South Buffalo Trolley and Trail System, which helped to connect the Western New York Railway Historical Society’s railroad museum to the downtown corridor. He has also worked for the University at Buffalo’s Center for Urban Studies, where Greg assisted with the redevelopment of the Perry Choice neighborhood in downtown Buffalo. Greg also spent a semester studying the built environment of the Baltic States in Estonia and Latvia. Greg’s interests include transportation planning and community design, and the efforts to make urban areas accessible and functional for the future. For the Grid, Greg will be writing about planning issues and topics about the city of Pittsburgh, where he currently resides.

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