September 27 2012

Lillian Mathews: So Long, Farewell to The GRID

Writing is a vehicle. And it continues to drive me, from the place I began, to where I am heading today.

Hard to believe, but six months have passed since I began my blogging position with The Grid. Just a few months ago, I was a senior in college, interested in pursuing a path that would land me on my feet as a landscape architecture or urban planning practitioner.

Little did I know, but my blogging experience – covering topics directly related to architecture and design – would actually rekindle something much more simple: a love of writing.

Being a GRID blogger has opened up a number of possible trajectories for me. The most valuable piece of this experience has been the generous flexibility of Global Site Plan’s Renee Van Staveren, who has allowed her editorial calendar to be dictated by the whims and passions of her bloggers. Through this open style, I ended up developing my own thematic approach, often pursuing articles related to urban food access and agricultural production.

My blogging experience led me to reflect on what I want as a young person just entering the work force. Writing for The Grid inspired me to create my own personal food and lifestyle blog, MakeBreadBreakBread, which will continue to feature archives of my GSP work as I track my new moves.

Speaking of which: today I am employed for an environmental non-profit in San Francisco, California. A heavy load of my job description, and what makes me excited to go to work every day? Crafting blog posts. Writing. Scouring trends and stories. Learning to articulate what I want to communicate each and every day.

So thanks very much to The Grid. I’ll keep reading — and writing, wherever I go.

Lillian Mathews

Lillian Mathews graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in Environmental Studies (Honors) and a focus on Food Systems and Urban Sustainability. She has designed and implemented an arts-based gardening site at a neighborhood center in Providence, Rhode Island, and has completed work in ecological planning and design, sustainable agriculture, and urban planning. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Read more at

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