March 26 2014

Top 10 Job Boards for Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers

We scoured the web for the best job boards for architects and urban planners, but our work was not complete. One more list was in order. Global Site Plans took on another search to find the best job listing for landscape architects. We collected all the available sources and used Alexa International Rankings to find the most visited sites. After our thorough exploration, we narrowed down our finalists to form the Top 10 Job Boards for Landscape Architects. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or fresh to the workforce, there is a job for you in this list.

1. American Society of Landscape Architects / / @landarchitects

American Society of Landscape Architects

Number one on our list is American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). Founded in 1899, the organization has grown to be the premiere association for landscape architects in the United States, representing over 15,000 members in 49 chapters. Their job board has almost 100 listings around the country, with positions ranging in level of experience and focus. There are a variety of tools available on the site that allow you to post jobs, submit resumes and search for resumes. These options are only available to ASLA members, so sign up now!

2. World Landscape Architecture / / @wlandscapearch

World Landscape Architecture

Founded in 2007, Word Landscape Architecture promotes the profession of landscape architecture through outreach, education and networking. Their jobs page provides a list of positions located around the globe, as well as an informative blog and book reviews. Users can also submit jobs. A post will be listed for thirty days and go out to 35,000 monthly readers. For those of you interested in showcasing your work, submit your project and have it be considered for publication!

3. Ontario Association of Landscape Architects / / @OALA_ON

Ontario Association of Landscape Architects

The Ontario Association of Landscape Architects has been advancing the profession since 1968. There are numerous resources on the site, including a long listing of jobs and internships for a variety of experience levels. Other helpful pages include a database a OALA members, a membership page and their own magazine, Ground: Landscape Architect Quarterly, which provides an open forum for landscape architects to exchange ideas. Last but not least, there’s a section of the website accessible only to members, so apply now!

4. Australian Institute of Landscape Architects / / @AILA_National

Australian Insitute of Landscape Architects

The Australian Institute of Landscape of Architects (AILA) was founded in 1966 and exists to advance the profession of landscape architecture in Australia. The site provides a thorough list of available jobs throughout the country. There are numerous resources available for those interested in pursuing a career in the field of landscape architecture. Join the AILA network by becoming a member. And find helpful information on the various state chapters, full with business directories and links to career resources.

5. Landscape Institute / / @talklandscape

Landscape Institute

This site provides rich employment opportunities that cover the entire United Kingdom. The Landscape Institute serves the natural and built environment through advocacy and promotion of their members’ work. Find helpful tools on their Education page, which offers helpful links for students and information on committees. Job seekers can receive job alerts by setting up an account. Employers who want to post job lists must also create their own account.

6. Bristish Columbia Society of Landscape Architects / / @BCSLA

British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects

The British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects (BCSLA) makes it easy for future employees to find jobs and for employers to find hungry applicants. The BCSLA has been the regulatory body for landscape architecture in British Columbia since 1964. Their website has several tools for education, consulting and licensure, among others. Stay involved with the organization by attending one of their many events or, even better, becoming a member!

7. Land 8 / / @Land8

Land 8

Land 8 helps landscape architects get connected by allowing individuals and firms to share their work and build their networks. The job board has listings from around the globe and their Firms page provides contact information for almost 100 employers. Users will find an exciting list of projects that people have posted to showcase their work. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the community, take a minute to create your own account.

8. Architecture Crossing /

Architecture Crossing

Finding a landscape architecture job on Architecture Crossing is about as easy it gets, at least for this particular profession. While the site encompasses all subsets of architecture, it is not short of exciting opportunities for landscape architecture enthusiasts. You can search for jobs based according to specificity and location. Posting a job is easy too! Get the full benefits of site by creating an account.

9. Irish Landscape Institute / / @ILI_Landscape

Irish Landscape Institute

This Irish Landscape Institute is a relatively new organization, founded in 1992, and has grown its network to 160 members. Dozens of employment opportunities are available on their job board. The organization frequently hosts events that promote the landscape architecture profession. It’s easy to search for other landscape architects by using the site’s neatly laid out database. The best way to get involved with ILI is to become a member. More information can be found on their members page.

10. Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects /

Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects

Finishing off our list is the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects, a non-profit representing landscape architecture professionals in Singapore. The membership-based organization was established in 1985 to advance the profession of landscape, environmental and urban design. Use the site to search for job opportunities and find information on upcoming events. Opportunities await!

We hope you find this list valuable. But let us know – did we miss any sites that belong here? Provide your feedback in the comment section below!

Credits: Data and images linked to sources.

Rob Poole

Rob Poole graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Anthropology and a minor in City and Regional Planning. He grew up in San Diego, but now resides in San Francisco. He currently works at a non-profit organization in San Francisco that advocates for new housing development for all income levels in the City. He also interns with Streetsblog San Francisco. Rob plans to pursue a career that promotes civic engagement in cities and improves the public process for local governments.

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