August 05 2014

The Prominent Goulandris Museum Under Construction in Athens, Greece

Towards the end of 2016 the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vasili’s and Eliza’s Goulandri is expected to be ready on Eratosthenous Street in the Pangrati area. Work on the museum began in 2013 and aims at transforming the shell of the three-story classical building with an addition in height into an elegant and functional edifice that will host the great art collection of the Goulandri couple.

The new museum will become a powerful attraction not only for Athens’ citizens but also for the capital’s visitors, and will mark the happy ending of an adventure that started in the 90’s.

After many changes regarding the location of the museum and the risk of the project never being realized, the works on the building in Pangrati have run smoothly.

New Goulandris Museum, Athens, Greece

The Neighborhood

When the museum is ready, the permanent exhibition will be expand 1,255 square meters and within four floors, while the periodical exhibitions will be placed on the first basement. As far as the amphitheater is concerned, it will have a capacity of 200 people and will cover the second and third floor. Overall, the old building and its addition will occupy around 7,500 square meters with offices, places of storage, and exhibition rooms. The building is in the city’s centre and in combination with the other museums will boost the neighborhood, which seems to have reanimated during the economic crisis. A small theatre, a bookstore, several cafes, bars and shops with design flare, and clothing have already opened in the area.

Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece

The civil engineer Mr. Nikos Malatestas, who follows the project, stressed that the required demolitions in the old building have been completed and only the façade has been preserved.

The building’s shell has been reinforced and staked, so that everything will be ready in order to start the required excavations that will provide underground spaces to the new museum.

At the same time, the work on the vertical addition will begin. The addition will be coated with limestone and is positioned behind the rest of the building. The works regarding the surrounding area, which is in front of the Saint Spiridon’s Church, will also go ahead as planned.

Saint Spiridon’s church, Athens, Greece

According to Mr. Malatestas, the one thing that won’t be constructed is the underground car park, since the location of this specific construction would need a great amount of time in order to be completed.

The new Goulandi Museum will open its doors to the public at the same time as cultural projects of Faliriko Delta are expected to be ready.

Is there a prominent museum that has been reopened in your city? What is your favorite museum?

Original article, originally published in Greek, here.

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