March 25 2014

The Inauguration of Canada Park in Thessaloniki, Greece

Corner of Mackenzie King and Agias Sofias Street , Thessaloniki, Greece

The “Canada” Park was inaugurated on Agia Sofia Street, in the centre of Thessaloniki, a month ago. This park was created on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the initiation of the Diplomatic Relations between Canada and Greece.

Canada Park in Thessaloniki, Greece

In the Canada Park, a sign has been placed to honour Mackenzie King, who was a well known Canadian philhellene politician. Additionally, there is a sculpture, called an Inukshuk, which was created by the sculptor and architect, George Pavlidis, and is based on the Ιnuit style. Both the sign and the sculpture were donated by the Canadian embassy. Next to the sculpture, one can see a photo and a brief reference, in three languages, to the life and work of Mackenzie King.

'Inukshuk'- Sculpture by G. Pavlidis in Canada Park, Thessaloniki, Greece

'Inukshuk'- Sculpture by G. Pavlidis - sign , Canada Park, Thessaloniki

This is another rehabilitation project in Thessaloniki, thanks to the cooperation with a friendly state. These collaborations prove the outward-looking side of the city, while honoring cities and countries with whom we are connected with inextricable links,” mentioned Mr. Konstantinos Zervas, deputy mayor of Thessaloniki.

Sign  to honour Mackenzie King next to Canada Park, Thessaloniki, Greece

Our aim is to reinforce the relations between our twin towns. We want to honor the longitudinal support by Canada and promote the negotiations regarding the aviation relations between Thessaloniki and the cities of Canada,’”added Mr. Spiros Pegkas, Member of the municipal council of Thessaloniki.

Robert Peck, the Canadian ambassador, noted that “the Canada Park underlines the solidarity and the friendship between Canadian and Greek people during World War II, a friendship that remains strong today.”

Have there been any rehabilitation projects in your city, as a way to reinforce the relations that the city has with other countries?

The original article, published in Greek, can be found here.

Credits: Images by Dafni Dimitriadi. Data linked to sources.

Dafni Dimitriadi

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