July 11 2012

(The GRID Blogger) Matthew Traucht: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Matthew TrauchtA big Global Site Plans welcome to our newest blogger, Matthew Traucht from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Matthew Traucht graduated from the University of New Mexico with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and is now pursuing his Master of Landscape Architecture at the University of Minnesota’s College of Design. Inspired by the work he was doing as an archaeologist in New Mexico, where he studied prehistoric lifeways and preindustrial agricultural techniques, Matthew established an organic farm business. Eventually this led him to join the U.S. Peace Corps where he served as a Natural Resources Volunteer in Gambia from 2007-2009.  For the last five years he has been blogging about some of his observations about the interactions between nature and culture, most recently on Desire Lines.  Now, as a graduate student, Matthew is interested in sustainable communities, brownfield remediation, and historic cultural landscape preservation.

Matthew joins the May 2012 Environmental Design Internship program.

Renée van Staveren

Renée van Staveren is the Founder of Global Site Plans. She holds a M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She also holds a B.S. in Sustainable Community Development from Prescott College. Prior to establishing Global Site Plans and The Grid, Renée van Staveren was an Assistant Planner for A-M-M-A Transit Planning and the Program Director for Planet Green. In June 2014 Renée moved from Istanbul, Turkey, where she'd lived for four years, to return to the beautiful city of San Francisco. She is now a Manager at the Urban Land Institute's San Francisco District Council. You can find her at one of their many events, so pop in and say hello.

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  1. Ousman Manjang Says:

    This man is one of a kind. He is very smart and has helped many people all over the world. His sense of the natural world in unparallel. You won’t regret bringing Matt on board.

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