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Although this is a grand idea and would be so nice for everyone, as you said win win win, it just won’t happen I’m afraid. An interesting question though, why do people live in such a dangerous city as New Orleans. Should New Orleans be rebuilt, was a very scary question for many just after Hurricane Katrina.
There are places all over the globe where people live alongside all sorts of natural distastes.
The earth is a living thing, always evolving. We too are a part of that living creature. I feel it is in our best interest as humans to try to work with nature rather than against it by moving entire cities every time disaster strikes. What sort of environmental damages would that cause in other parts of Louisiana?

Frankly though, New Orleans is a culture that simply will not leave. There are extremely strong ties to family, culture, neighbors, history, etc. You ask anyone if they would move and most likely they would ask, “why would I ever leave”. The city will exist until it’s under water. So maybe there’s a sustainable way to prolong the city’s extinction, without ruining more wetlands?

By: Richard Alexandar Wed, 09 Oct 2013 17:07:41 +0000 $4billion might build a new, smart city further from the possibility of flood damage. Return the present site to nature, and use the remains as a museum to illustrate how nature will always win….and should, is entitled.

Use the resulting increase in wetlands not only to generate divers species, but as an adventure holiday venue.

Win, win, win.