November 10 2011

Finishing a Chapter with Global Site Plans and The Grid

As a final submission for The Grid, I wish to thank everyone who has read my past blogs. I hope that they have been a source of new perspective and contemplation. What often began as a thought or idea manifested into words more tangible through my internship. For this, I wish to express my appreciation to Global Site Plans, especially Renée van Staveren, for the opportunity to write for The Grid and for reliable support and encouragement.

Looking back over my experience writing for The Grid, I realize that I have learned a lot more than I expected about the blogging profession. I have learned to use tools and resources unknown to me previously, as well as how to look at my own writing a little more critically. The insight I have gained will carry through to future endeavors and phases of my life.

For anyone pursuing an interest in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, or urban design, and with a passion for writing, social media, and online communication, I encourage you to apply for upcoming blogging internships with Global Site Plans. Many new opportunities and connections can be gained, both professionally and personally. And, if you allow yourself honest reflection, a clearer vision of priorities and goals.

The final words of a chapter are often bittersweet. Choosing how to incorporate the knowledge gained from words in a chapter often shape the meaning of the next. Thank you to all who have shared this chapter of my life, I wish you much success and happiness.

Shelley Rekte

Shelley Rekte is a native of Lincoln, Nebraska, a graduate of the University of Nebraska, and works within the environmental design sector. As a mother, she has seen many changes in the world around her, as well as the differences between her son’s life experiences and her own. Shelley understands the importance of the environment and strives to broaden her perspective, with the aspiration of expanding the perspectives of others for developing equitable communities. Shelley Rekte blogged for The Grid until October 2011.

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